What to Do If Your Phone is Submerged in Water

Many of today’s smartphones are packed with  water resistant features. However, this doesn’t mean they’re waterproof. If your phone was left submerged for more than a few seconds, it’s possible that the phone has sustained some form of water damage even if it is rated for water resistance. The situation is worse if your device does not have built-in water protection.

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In the event that your phone is submerged in water, the first thing you should definitely do is fish it out as quickly as possible. After you take it out, follow these simple steps to improve your chances of recovering the functionality of your phone.

  • Turn Off Your Phone

Sometimes, smartphones will remain on despite being submerged underwater. If this is the case with your phone, make sure you shut it off immediately. This is to prevent the water from interacting with the electricity in the battery and short-circuiting your entire phone. After you’ve turned off your phone, remove the battery to prevent short-circuit. You may also remove the SIM card to save your contacts and other information.

  • Pat Dry with a Towel

With your phone disassembled, grab a dry, soft towel (preferably super-absorbent types). Quickly, but gently, pat dry each part with the towel to remove excess moisture. You may also want to give the main body of your phone a good shake to force out any water that may have gotten into the ports. If you have a can of compressed air (the type often used to clean the interior of PCs, you may opt to use this to push any droplets of water out where you can use the towel. Never allow your phone to dry naturally as this can corrode the metallic parts of the phone, as well as leave unsightly splotches.

  • Dunk Your Phone Inside a Bag of Rice

Fill a sealable bag with uncooked rice and place your phone inside until it’s completely covered by the rice. Grains of uncooked rice have a tendency to absorb moisture. As such, it will wick away water from areas that you are unable to reach, including the innermost workings of your phone and underneath the touch screen. Leave your phone inside overnight. If the water damage is not extensive, your phone should boot up after you reinsert the battery. In the event that you do not have any uncooked rice at home, you may use multiple bags of silica gel so long as you have enough to cover the entire phone.

The next time your phone is submerged in the water, be sure to follow these tips!

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