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What Does Your Pebble Beach Best Putting Green Tell about You

Lawns are not American inventions. Imported and inspired by landscaping designs in France and England in the 18th century, the maintenance of lawns found its way to the other side of the Atlantic and has since then become a part of society. From Pebble Beach best putting green to huge stadiums with well-maintained turf, synthetic grass has grown a long way.

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Owning Pebble Beach Best Putting Green Says More Than Neat, Clean Grass

The aesthetic relevance of this stretch of green is evident. However, as it is not used for food production, security, or any other practical things, one would come to wonder, what are lawns for, and what does keeping a neat, well-kept patch of grass say about you as a person.

Well, as it happens, a lot!

  • Place for societal statementsFrom its origins in 18th century Europe, lawns have always been a symbol of wealth and status. During those times, since it is quite expensive to develop and maintain a pristine lawn, having one is a public statement that you have excess wealth to spend on caring for grass. Peasants and ordinary people could not hope to own a luscious garden, such as the one placed in the palace of Versailles. This is the same one that inspired U.S. President Thomas Jefferson to bring the practice back to America.Influenced by Europeans, Jefferson mimicked the practice in his Monticello estate, and other wealthy and prominent landowners followed suit. With the influential and the whos-who of society starting to clean up and develop their lawns, the common people decided to as well, and the practice became so widespread a whole industry was born from it.Nowadays, a picture of a suburban American family is not complete if not backgrounded by a well-kept lawn.
  • Place for social connectionsAccording to Ursula Lang, in her study of the cultural geography of yards in Minnesota, yards or lawns are “places of encounter.” Even though your front lawn and your backyard are part of your private property, they are the borders to your neighbors, the gateway to your community. It serves a two-fold purpose: one of boundary and the other a door.Lawns are boundaries as they mark where your lot ends, and that of your neighbor begins. But it also is where you interact the most with others, and in turn, with the community. From pet-friendly artificial turf for dogs in Monterey to the best backyard putting greens for the avid golfer, yards and lawns are also places where parties are sometimes held—communal activities that introduce members of the communities to one another. This unique dual purpose is the source of the special place of lawns in American culture.
  • Place for personal triumphLawns, whether artificial or natural, demand dedication when it comes to landscaping. Some owners take it to themselves to curate, design, and maintain their lawns. It is a personal expression of their creativity and at the same time, a physical manifestation of their triumph. Owners usually grow an attachment to their lawns and treat them as their personal oasis.

What does your lawn tell about you?

Whether your lawn is a regularly mowed natural grass or the finest artificial grass in Monterey, your lawn will speak loads about you. Show us! We will listen!

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