Web Design and Development: Spreading the Word Digitally

The first webpage appeared in 1991 – roughly three decades ago – and was owned and published by a research institution. Today there are millions. Web Design and Development has evolved into a completely different medium and practice. What people had access to back in the 1990’s or even early 2000’s are almost worlds apart from what we enjoy today.

people creating a website

Digital Spaces

Websites are the new offices and studios of the digital world. They’re meant to be spaces that visitors “land” when they want to know more about a business/individual and possibly acquire their services.

If you’re looking to have a website created for yourself (or for your organization), think of it as a project to renovate a house or an office space. Surely you would want the sturdiest materials, best engineers, and ideal location.

Design and Development

An effective website captures the attention of its visitors and sends the organization’s message in a persuasive, enticing manner. It isn’t just about following the status quo and existing out there. One does not sign up for a domain name just to have something to mention on a business card. Websites are supposed to be an extension of a brand’s identity and serve as a face or a vehicle to navigate the alleys and hallways of the digital world.

Effective Web Design

There is more to web design than publishing an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of carefully selected images and written text. It aims to addresses the following questions:

  • Is a visitor likely to stay on this website for more than just a couple minutes?
  • Is my message clear and will my visitor be inclined to contact or conduct business with me?
    Sure, effective web design looks good, but if it’s not enticing new clients or not selling your services, then that’s a different story!

So what are web design packages?

Different sites have different needs. You can strengthen the reputation of a website in more ways than one. Certain packages exist depending on what the owner needs at the moment, or depending on what they have already established on their own.

Let’s take a look at the top five essentials for web design and development:

  1. Graphics and Layout – recommended to site owners who have existing pages and content but look forward to enhancing it visually
  2. Website Creation and Hosting – perfect for owners who are starting from scratch and need help from site inception to publishing content
  3. E-Commerce – suitable for those who are looking to establish their commercial presence and attract leads
  4. Speed Optimization – great for users who need help on the technical aspects of web management, such as improving site statistics
  5. Maintenance – helpful to web owners who need to keep their site free from online threats and attacks; applicable to sites with a large number of users and sensitive information.

Consistent Development

Websites – much like anything else in the commercial world – tend to become stagnant and outdated unless consistently developed. It is true that what looks good today may no longer be fashionable two years from now. New technologies, interfaces, and design principles emerge over time and take the spotlight from previously established ones.

The key is consistent development. If you’re a brand owner wanting to establish an effective digital presence, a good website is a great place to start with. Development, on the other hand, promises that you will always take the lead and not be left behind – whether we’re talking months, years, or decades into the future.

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