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Ways to Improve Brand Visibility

Picture this, you have just started a company filling a gap in the market, your staff are highly trained, you have a spectacular business location and your service is second-to-none. You have already built a small base of loyal customers who are more than happy to spread the good word but, this is the real world, they aren’t simply walking up and down the street shouting your praises. Their recommendations come sporadically, when the need arises and this can tide you over, but soon you notice that your business is stagnating, and you need to take action to improve your visibility.

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But where do you start?

There are plenty of avenues of advertising, from paid digital ads on social media to PPC in search engine results to printed adverts in your local newspaper and magazines. These are all high-visibility options, but they are also high-cost – sure your PPC campaign may only be costing 0.20p a click but how many of those website visitors become loyal customers? Conversion rates vary industry to industry but, there is still an element of risk involved.

Rather than splurge on a series of potentially high-cost, low return ads, consider ways businesses have captured your attention in the past and look for ideas outside the box. To make things easier, here are some brand visibility boosting inspiration methods that will get your name out there;

Support Local Causes

Sponsorships and donation drives are an excellent method of giving your brand visibility without becoming the focus and has the bonus of benefiting those around you too. Consider sponsoring the kit of a local youth or adult football team or arrange a donation event for a local cause or religious group, whether a Ramadan charity or Christmas gift drive. This will keep your branding circulating and be visible to anyone who involves themselves with the event or goes to watch your sponsored sports team.

Where resource is available, you can go bigger with your sponsorships and work with local councils or associations to benefit the greater area. For example, by funding park spaces for children, school equipment for education centres or even offering backing for necessary and up-to-date medical equipment for your local hospital. It’s a non-intrusive yet extremely beneficial cause and will rightly earn your business some respect from the surrounding community.

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Offer Training for Your Niche or Service

Depending on your type of business, you can provide guidance and training for individuals in the local area or help to provide talks around your industry, whether these are opt-in attendance or aimed towards school children. By providing training, you not only create a greater employment pool of skilled individuals, but you establish your business in a position of authority which will help build trust between your company and your potential customers.

Conferences and exhibitions are extremely popular events, normally with plenty of authoritative and experienced speakers. Should you wish to start your own meet-up group or talk, visit available events to find what attracts attendees and what strengths you can take through to your own organisation.

Partner with an Influencer

Influencer marketing isn’t new, but it is effective. Partnering with an influencer is to find someone doing well on social media platforms or video hosting/streaming websites and working with them to promote your brand. Whether this is through supplying them some of your top performing product so they can show this to their followers or asking them to talk about your business to their followers.

There are plenty of influencers available to work with however, finding the right influencer is key. Top-name celebrities are great for well-known brands that have almost limitless resource, but engagement is typically lower than micro to mid-level influencers who have between 1,000 to 10,000 followers. If you choose to invest in influencer marketing, make sure to find someone who would benefit from your offering as their audience will likely have similar needs and interests.

Remember, the digital marketing world is fast becoming saturated with information and paid advertising. For your next campaign, consider outside-the-box ideas to increase your brand visibility without being intrusive and you’ll soon find people are much more receptive and eager to try your business.

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