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Tips on Placing Decorations on the Best Artificial Turf in Vacaville for the Holidays


Holidays are great occasions for homeowners to spruce up outdoor landscapes with decorations for the season. Yards made of the best artificial turf in Vacaville are perfect locations for ornaments. Its vibrant, lush, and realistic quality matches the festive backdrop provided by natural grass.  Make a holiday decoration fest with artificial turf, and you can’t go wrong!

Tips on Placing Decorative Objects on Artificial Grass

Artificial turf’s flexibility makes it highly compatible with other decorations. Your ornaments won’t collect grass clippings or dirt when set on synthetic turf since the soil is all beneath the backing. Synthetic grass also doesn’t need as much upkeep as natural grass, ensuring the stability of your decorative set.

Ensure proper installation of your holiday décor with these tips and tricks:

  • Lay down pegless ornaments on the grass.

Get decorations that are suitable to place outdoors as they are indoors. Place your jack o’ lanterns or Thanksgiving ornaments confidently on the synthetic turf. The cushioning provided by the high-quality artificial grass in Vacaville, CA will keep your decorations stable.

  • Do not drive stakes into the turf.

Driving stakes will disfigure the grass, and prompt a reinstallation of the turf. Instead of attaching them using stakes, improvise by adding feet to your Christmas tree. To give it extra stability, include a concrete block. You can also place a small box at the bottom and fill it up with rocks.

  • Secure your inflatables.

Inflatables are a staple of holiday decorations. Since they are lightweight, they need support to prevent from blowing over. Balloon-like objects usually need pegging to the ground to remain stable. Since driving pegs into the turf will damage it, find a secure stand to support the inflatables.

  • Install lights for nighttime.

Install your holiday lights during the daytime for a better view of your yard. Turn them on at night to watch them illuminate your property. Since synthetic grass needs no watering or mowing, there is no danger of electrical hazards from moisture.

  • Give your putting greens a theme.

Does your house have a putting green instead of a traditional yard? No problem! Give artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville a holiday twist with ornaments. Place a mix of orange and black sand in your bunker during Halloween. Replace your hole flag with a customized stocking in December! If you still want to play during the holidays, you can set a few ornaments such as tinsel or mini-jack o’ lanterns along the fringe to keep the festive mood.

  • Put extra decorations around the lawn.

Natural elements of your yard—such as trees, flowers, and shrubs—also deserve love. Place lights around the shrubs. Put stand up figures which need staking in the flower beds around the lawn. Go festive with your residential property this holiday season!

Usher in the Festivities with Holiday Décor!

Installing the best artificial turf in Vacaville for your residential landscapes makes them holiday-ready, barring the tiring upkeep of a traditional grass garden. Follow these tips to bring out the best of your lawn during the happiest times of the year.

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