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The Future of Remote Controls is Here

We are dependent on it for a lot more tasks today. From replying to an email to booking flights, there is so much this simple handheld device can do.

In the same continuation, there is a new role that is gradually getting added to a smartphone’s portfolio of features. It’s that of a remote control which is able to operate several devices around you.

Just take an example of a random living room which has certain appliances like TV, set-top box, DVD player, home theatre, gaming console, and a smart lighting system. And for each device, there is a separate remote. Now imagine if you have to operate multiple devices while you’re sitting relaxed on the couch watching that soccer match. Yes, that would be a little irritating.

senior woman using tv remote control over

Wouldn’t it be great if all these remotes could be replaced with one single remote which could control all these appliances, and even greater if that remote was your smartphone? It’s like a distant dream once is making a loud announcement that the future has arrived already.

Peel universal remote

There are many apps today that can transform your phone into a smart remote and help you bid adieus to the traditional plastic remote with numerous buttons. Peel remote TV app is one of them. It has a wide range of features that not only eliminate the need for a regular remote but also offer a convenience and experience you never had before. For example, it allows the users to jump to their favorite TV shows with just a tap, unlike how it is in traditionally remote which requires multiple presses to do so.

You only have to install the app on your phone and sync all the devices with it and it will turn your phone into a universal remote with a user-friendly interface and neatly placed, visually appealing tabs. Although the app predominantly functions as a TV control, it also enables you to control all devices with simple taps and swipes on the screen.

It’s quite convenient to get started.

As sophisticated a technology as it may sound, it has an extremely simple setup process. Peel remote app uses the built-in IR (infrared) blaster in your Android phone and turns it into a smart universal TV remote. You just have to install the app and you’ll be guided through the rest of the process.

But what if your phone doesn’t have IR-blaster? And what about connecting other smart devices around your home?
That’s not a problem at all. It’ll only take a few extra seconds for you in that case. In the absence of IR-blaster, Peel uses WiFi to integrate with your phone and other devices. Ensure the WiFi is turned on and your phone, as well as the devices you want to control using the app, are wi-fi enabled at the time. You’ll also have to make sure that all these devices are on the same WiFi network.

Once you’re done with setup, tap the icon in the low right corner of your screen, look for the devices and start syncing them with the app. As soon as the syncing is done, Peel TV remote app is good to go.

So, is this the end of remote control era?

Well, not really. Technology is only going to get more sophisticated, giving you more convenience to operate devices sitting comfortably at one place. That means the remote is never going obsolete, especially considering home entertainment will always be a part of people’s lives. It’s only their look and functioning are going to get smarter. Peel smart remote app is a good example of how the role of a remote is going to get more advanced than merely changing channels and adjusting volume. It will probably be controlling several other devices around home than just the TV and set-top box.

For sure, it’s a great comfort and significant time-saving. Besides, there is a relatively low risk of it breaking down or getting hidden around the house.

However, it will take some time before people are familiar with the new technology and get used to it. But it will happen. Smartphones and tablets that we use everyday are set to become even more important to us.

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