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Style Your Wedding Venue with Synthetic Grass in St. Louis

A wedding is one of the most momentous and memorable occasions there is. However, planning for it can take a lot of work, from organizing the guest list to choosing the music and especially deciding on the decorations. In the case of the latter, a lot of different materials can make great décor options for the wedding. Read on and discover how synthetic grass in St. Louis can make a difference on your wedding venue.

Wedding ceremony on artificial turf

Fun Weddings Ideas with Synthetic Grass

Outdoor weddings become more and more popular nowadays. After all, there’s nothing like having your friends and family relish the fresh air and the sunlight while you and your partner tie the knot. Although, it can be a bit uncomfortable at times. Fret not, however. Synthetic grass can help elevate the experience for your guests.

What many don’t know about synthetic grass is that it is not only easy to install in the venue, it can be used in a lot of different ways as well. Here are some great wedding ideas you can try with St. Louis artificial turf:

  1. Aisle Runner

Synthetic grass can make a great aisle runner for the wedding ceremony. This makes it great for outdoor weddings as it helps trap the dirt from beneath your shoes, as well as a cleaner alternative to a regular carpet. It can also be much more comfortable for the bride to walk on as artificial grass is soft to the touch, making it perfect for the sentimental occasion.

Also, in the event of rain, you won’t have to worry about mud as synthetic grass is designed with drainage systems that help drain water and keep it dry. Whether it rains or shines, walking down the aisle will remain uninterrupted.

  1. Photography Backdrop

Photo booths are a staple in many wedding receptions—and if you’re looking to add a different touch to it, use synthetic grass as a great backdrop. It can make for some great photos to take and a great base for different decorations to be added.

This also adds to the flexibility of an artificial turf in St. Louis as it can be installed in any way in any venue. Depending on how big you want the backdrop to be, synthetic grass can be a great option to consider.

  1. Altar and Arch Linings

When having an outdoor wedding ceremony, an altar and an arch are two great things to have for the occasion. In fact, they can look better when they’re lined up with quality synthetic grass. It adds a lot more intimacy to the ceremony and fits very well to nature-themed weddings.

Another benefit you can enjoy from this idea is that it can be an easy cleanup once the wedding ceremony is finished. You won’t have to worry about extensive dismantling or any fallout from the turf itself, allowing the wedding to be as clean as can be.

Give Your Wedding a New Touch with Synthetic Grass

Your wedding will become even more memorable with the convenience of synthetic grass. Get synthetic grass for your St. Louis wedding now and give your wedding a new spin of creativity.

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