Stay Competitive in Real Estate Investing through Special Mobile Apps

In this day and age, real estate investing is moving at a fast pace. The common practices ten years ago don’t apply now. This is because information technology has taken on a bigger role for real estate investments.

In 2014, mobile app usage overtook desktop usage, causing a shift in companies’ business operations. Real estate investing, like any other business, is included in this shift. If you want to stay competitive, online mobility should be your priority.


The Importance ofApps for Real Estate Investment

There are a host of reasons apps are a necessity for your real estate business:

You are on your phone most of the time
Being a real estate investor, you are always on the go. Your tablet or mobile phone serves as your main office. This is why you need apps that cater to each of your responsibilities. At the same time, you need to be ready to communicate with both clients and partners at all times.

If you are handling a team, you can use Trello for mobile group engagement and for effective idea sharing. For video conferencing with a group of people, the Zoom app is highly recommended.

You need to keep up with real estate news
In your spare time as an investor, you also need to keep up with the latest news. Browsing through news apps on your phone would be the best way to do this.

For national investor news, the Bloomberg app is the best one for your needs. For your own personal assessments, the Property Evaluator app can help you make no-nonsense performance analyses.

You need to coordinate with clients constantly
You can contact people mainly through messaging apps and talk to them efficiently. You also need to continuously market to your clients.

Email marketing and email list management apps can help you send emails to boost your presence with clients. Mailchimp, one of the more popular email management tools, is highly recommended. When working with tenants on their leases, you need an eSign app. Of this kind of app, Docusign is the most accessible for both parties.

You need to organize your activities wisely
As a real estate investor, your day-to-day activities need to be in order. Thus you need software that can plot out every daily activity very well. An app like GSuite makes organization more convenient. It puts your mail, cloud drive, and calendar in one manageable platform.

You need to always update your profile
The social media is your ticket to visibility. Keep your social media profiles up-to-date to make sure you retain a foothold in the business. Apps, especially LinkedIn make you more visible to prospective buyers and fellow investors. For cross-platform sharing (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), no other app is better than Hootsuite right now.

Power Your Way to Investingwith these Useful Apps

Working with apps will give you an edge for your real estate investing activities. Remember, the aforementioned list is just part of the many apps you can use as an investor. For more apps to use, you can inquire with other members of a real estate investors association. Get oriented on the platform now to grow your business!

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