Squeeze Tubes for Cosmetic Products

Statistics show that four out of five Americans wear makeup every day. Skin care, hair products, perfumes, oral cosmetics, these are the main product categories of the cosmetic market. Now, if you’re into cosmetics, you’ll know how important packaging is. Let’s talk about the wonders of tube filling, and how it contributes to the growing market value of cosmetic products around the world.

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Why do manufacturers prefer cosmetics in squeeze tubes?

Choosing the right tube for your products is crucial in marketing. Squeeze tubes are an economical way to get your products on the hands of consumers and retailers. Here’s why:

  • It has a wide range of use
    Tube filling can be applied to various products including cream, ointment liquid, lotion, hair gel, etc.
  • It entails a lower cost
    Tube packaging is an affordable way to deliver cosmetics to consumers. It meets multiple standards and requirements of manufacturers and allows a brand to customize product labels for any size of cosmetics.
  • It allows versatility
    Squeeze tubes can be made to hold as little as 3 ml of liquid cosmetic products or as much as 270 ml. Another advantage of squeeze tube is it leaves rooms for aesthetics. Manufacturers can choose from a variety of tube heads, covers, packaging colors, and the likes.
  • It can be used for sample use
    Manufacturers can save money by offering sample cosmetics in small-sized tubes. This is not only an advantage for manufacturers, but also for consumers. First-time users can purchase a small-sized cosmetic and decide later on if they’d like to buy a bigger one.
  • It can be environmentally-friendly
    Tube packaging can be filled and refilled for several uses. Over time, the raw materials used for tube packaging are developed to become more environmentally-friendly.
  • It allows ease of use
    Squeeze tubes come in a variety of heads that make dispensing of cosmetics easy. They emit only a specific amount of cosmetics in one squeeze, reducing wasted product.
  • It provides stable packaging
    Tube packaging ensures product safety by allowing unique compounds to remain stable throughout its shelf life.
  • It makes product transportation easy
    Tubes are less bulky compared to glass jars and pumps. They also weigh and cost less, an advantage for both manufacturer and retailer.

Tubes in Demand

Squeeze tubes are versatile enough to hold both thick and thin liquids. If you’re a manufacturer looking for a better way to package your products, squeeze tubes are the way to go. Plastic tubes retain their shape once squeezed, an excellent characteristic that attracts most consumers. Aside from cosmetics, tube filling is also possible for a variety of products, such as foods and adhesives.

Portability, efficiency, durability, and cost-efficiency —these are just some of the characteristics that squeeze tubes have to offer. With the growing importance of appearance to people of all genders, it is crucial that you pay attention to the packaging of your cosmetics. If you’re still on the look for the perfect packaging for your products, consider the many advantages of tube packaging.

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