Seize the Opportunity to Improve and Clean Up Your Bathroom with these Tips from a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor near Los Angeles

Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house. It’s a space where you can freshen up and have some me-time. If you are not comfortable with your current bathroom, you can look for a bathroom remodeling contractor near Los Angeles to help you renovate your prized space.

modern tiled bathroom

Here are more reasons to convince you that updating your bathroom is always a good idea.

  • Opportunity to Clean Hard-to-Kill Bacteria

    Sure, you can clean your bathroom every other week to get rid of elements like grout, mold, and bacteria growth. Over time, however, some leftover elements gather and cause additional wear and tear to the room. Heavy duty cleaning of bathroom equipment can also add to the wear and tear.

    Although it is costly, remodeling a bathroom will help you start anew. It can also help clean the place up in a way your daily cleaning routine wasn’t able to. Your contractor will have the necessary equipment to eliminate leftover grout and molds in the bathroom, and clean up the place just in time to install the new equipment.

  • More Comfort for Future Users

    Old looking bathrooms will surely look and feel uncomfortable for its users. You can wax nostalgic about how your other rooms look, but your bathroom shouldn’t be one of them. For one, older bathrooms tend to attract more dirt because of their age. The last thing people would like to do is use a horribly dirty washroom; in a way this would make people think twice in coming over to your place for a visit.

    With a pleasant-looking bathroom, filled with neutral colors and ambient lighting, people will feel at ease. They will be able to go about their personal business hassle free. What’s more, having an updated bathroom can have a hand in getting people to visit your place more often!

  • Opportunity for a Better Bathroom Design

    Getting bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles will allow you to start from square one and apply your personal touch to your new bathroom. A new trend when it comes to designing bathrooms is designing the easy-to-clean bathroom. To achieve this type of washroom, here are some renovation ideas you can use:

Installing “back to wall” toilets. Traditional toilets usually have spaces  between them and the bathroom that you had to scrub vigorously. With these types of toilets, spaces in between are lessened, allowing you to have less awkward spaces to clean.

Installing free-standing bathtubs. Instead of inset bathtubs which have corners that gather grout and mold, you can put in a freestanding variety and prop it up against the bathroom tile. You will have easy to clean bathroom spaces in the process.

Making use of larger tiles to lessen grout used. Grout, or the mortar in between tiles, can be one of the toughest parts of the bathroom to clean; strong acids may not do a lot to get out stains and gunk from the grout. To minimize grout, avail of large tiles for your bathroom. Preferred tiles for the wall are sized 12”x 24”, while the ideal size for a floor tile is around 12” x 12”.

Use of a handheld shower. When you’re not using them for your personal bath, detachable shower hoses can double as cleaning equipment for the shower screen. As an extra benefit, it can be used to shower your little kids easily!

Give Your Bathroom that Much Needed Personal Touch

All this information should be enough to encourage you to do bathroom remodeling near Los Angeles, CA this lean season. Remember, you need not be stuck with the bathroom design that came when you purchased the house. Make your life easier, and get a great and reasonable contractor to help expedite the process.

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