Questions to Ask to Find the Best Eye Surgeon in Orange County

It is not a hidden fact that undergoing a surgery inevitably endangers the life of the individual. How the surgery will come out usually depends on the quality and accuracy of the process, and more importantly, on the surgeon who will perform the surgery.

When it comes to your eyes, the success of the procedure is as vital as this organ. This is why it is important to find the best eye surgeon in Orange County. To do so, you, as a patient, should ask questions.

What are the questions you should ask to find the best eye surgeon?
Here are some of the queries you should raise to know you are choosing the perfect eye surgeon.

  • How many procedures have you done? One of the most essential basis of the excellence of an eye surgeon is his or her experience. You should ask your target surgeon the number of procedures he or she has perform.

    As the clichés goes, “practice makes perfect.” Therefore, the number of procedures performed by an eye surgeon not only prove his or her trustworthiness but also shows that he or she already knows the process well.
  • What is your complication rate? When it comes to eye surgeries, complications are almost uncontrollable. There are some like glares, halos, and dry eyes that are normal effects of the procedure a few days or weeks after. There are likewise some like overcorrection and undercorrection that are brought about by inaccurate surgeries.

    Therefore, it is normal and completely acceptable to ask your target eye surgeon this question. You may compare their rate to the average complication rate in lasik vision correction in Los Angeles.
  • What are your outcome statistics? It is common knowledge that not all eye surgeries succeed. Therefore, this is one important question to ask your potential eye surgeon. How many of all the procedures he or she had done were successful and without complications? This will surely not be a problem with excellent surgeons with a good track record. They may even volunteer the information without you asking for it.

  • Do you perform procedures at your own lasik eye center in Los Angeles or do you have to do it elsewhere? The venue of the surgery matters, particularly in terms of proximity.

    One of the main considerations in choosing your potential eye surgeons is their proximity. So if you chose them because they are the nearest, you should also know of the location of the surgery  likewise be near. This will the basis of some adjustments since side effects of the surgery may hinder you from travelling.

These are only some of the questions you should ask all your target eye surgeons. You may also ask about the certifications and licenses they have, as well as the medical societies they are part of.

Just remember that during any surgical procedure, your life is in the hands of the surgeon so choose him or her very wisely.

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