Portable Sauna for Sale: What to Look for

The start of the year is usually the ripe time to turn a new leaf and live healthier and wiser! What better way to live healthier than by applying a new fitness regimen that does not only have a lot of health benefits, but can also be done in the comforts of your own home! Get into portable infrared saunas! But before jumping head first to the world of portable sauna for sale, check out what this new activity can do for you!

Infrared saunas can provide:

  • stress and pain relief
  • relaxation and better sleep
  • detoxification and clearer skin
  • improved blood circulation
  • weight loss

Of course you want all of those right? And because you have the added benefit of a portable sauna, all of these in the comforts of your own home. So what should you be looking for? You don’t need to read all of the infrared sauna reviews out there to figure out the sauna that best suits you.

For starters, you might want to first figure out what an infrared sauna is.


Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas use light energy from infrared lamps to warm your body directly. Traditional saunas do this by heating the air around you.

Because your body warms up more easily using this method than in a traditional sauna, it operates at a much lower temperature (between 120˚F and 140˚F). As 80% of the heat goes directly to your body, this makes the environment more tolerable enabling you to stay in the sauna longer.


  1. Ceramic or carbon? Which one to use?
    Ceramic and carbon are the two types of infrared heat emitters. Usually, cheaper models are those that use ceramic rods or coils in their panels. However, if you’re pushing for value (which you should be!) choose the far more superior carbon panels.

    Carbon heat up faster, and provides a more even heat distribution so you can avoid cold and hot spots, which are common in ceramic heaters. Most sellers would advertise that their ceramic heaters make the room “hot;” however, keep in mind that when a room is hot, it doesn’t equate to an effective therapy.

  2. Don’t skimp on panels
    The math in this case is simple: the more heat panels you use, the faster your sauna heats up. Always look for the maximum number of heat panels available for the sauna you are thinking of purchasing. Remember, the longer it takes for your sauna to heat up, the more it will cost you in your electricity bill.

  3. Take control
    Commonly, saunas have control panels, ones that set the heat, time, turn on lights, etc., outside the unit. This is well and good, but it is also important for it to have one inside the unit. This is for comfort’s sake as it would take effort to step out and leave the sauna just to fix a setting or two.

  4. Test
    Lastly, TEST! The most important! Like a bed or a shirt, the best thing to do to know that it’s the best sauna for you is to try the model! Obviously this can’t be done if you’re ordering online, so going to a local dealer is an advantage. Included in this is the sauna’s design. Although it won’t affect the health benefits that it can provide, it is the design that can make or break your sauna experience. Uncomfortable seating, unappealing frames, coarse wooden details—these are things you got to inspect when judging your portable sauna.

Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, it is a nice start. Just don’t be afraid to ask the dealer. And if they provide some shady answers, then, it might not be a good idea to buy from them.

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