Poolside Perks of Installing Artificial Turf in Kansas City

Real grass, paving, or artificial turf in Kansas City? These are three main choices that homeowners face when deciding which material to use for their pool surround. After comparing their benefits, however, many Kansas homeowners find that synthetic grass is the superior option when it comes to their pools, and here’s why!

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Why Artificial Grass is the Best Choice for Pools

Having a swimming pool is a dream for many people, and if you have one in your home (or planning to have one), then you want every element to be perfect. This includes the kind of material you install around your pool.

Natural grass or paving used to be the only choices for homeowners until the invention of synthetic grass. It eliminated many problems that came with paving and real grass, such as mud, expensive maintenance, and overheating. More advantages include:

• Non-slip surface

Synthetic grass provides a safer surface for anyone going for a swim. It doesn’t get as slippery as real grass even after getting splashed with pool water. If someone accidently trips and falls especially when walking around barefoot, artificial grass provides a much softer surface to land on instead of rough paving.

• Free-flowing drainage

Top-quality Kansas City artificial grass is designed with a perforated backing which allows pool water to drain effortlessly to the ground below. Unlike real grass, synthetic grass can handle large amounts of water without resulting in unsightly and muddy puddles. You don’t have to spend extra for this drainage system as well like you would with paving which requires installing separate drains to cope with water.

• Long-lasting beauty

Weather can quickly fade the color of paving, while chlorine, salt, and lack of upkeep can turn natural grass into an eyesore. You never have to worry about this with artificial grass; it looks as green and vibrant as the day it was laid, so you can always expect your sparkling pool to look flawless no matter the weather or how often you use it.

• Low maintenance

Keeping your pool clean and attractive takes a considerable amount of effort, and real grass only adds to the burden. It takes a lot to maintain grass, and this includes mowing, cutting, fertilizing, pulling out weeds, and many other tasks that can waste your time and money.

In contrast, artificial grass requires very little upkeep besides the occasional brushing up or hosing down, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool instead of working on it.

• Non-toxic surface

If you use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to keep your grass alive, you run the risk of these toxic substances leaching into the water. Kansas, MO artificial grass carries none of that risk. It’s free of toxins and it’s also hypoallergenic, so you can have peace of mind whenever you invite friends and family over for a fun pool day.

Choose Your Pool Surround Wisely

The material around your pool has a big impact on the overall experience. Artificial grass is as beautiful as real grass, and it’s also as practical as pavement, and it offers more benefits than these two alternatives. Contact your Kansas, MO artificial grass installers to learn more about artificial grass for your home.

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