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Mind-Blowing Installation Ideas from an Artificial Turf Installer in Santa Rosa

Artificial turf is slowly taking over natural grass’ traditional domain. From backyards to petscapes and even playing fields, the creations of an artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa are now looking more lifelike and much easier to maintain. Because of their expertise and creativity, these installers can also conjure up grass installations that will not only impress your friends and family, but will also upgrade your house’s appearance.

soccer ball on green artificial turf

Creative Turf Installation Ideas

Here are some of the unique installations that you can pull off with good old artificial turf:

  1. Kids’ Play Area

Artificial turf can be used to surround a sandbox. It is actually better than natural grass in this regard; if the sand moves out of its normal place, you can just sweep the sand back into the sandbox without it sticking to the soil.

  1. Nonlinear Designs

Because of the flexibility of artificial grass, you can create fancy designs and irregularly shaped lawns. You can shape turf into curvy designs and create unusual yards, either with the help of an installer or DIY.

  1. Checkerboard Backyard

One grass installation pattern that doesn’t go out of style is the checkerboard grass pattern. Because of its flexibility, using artificial turf is a good fit for this design. Having it surrounded with objects like tall trees and shrubs also creates a sense of privacy.

  1. Additional Greenery

You can also do a hybrid of natural and artificial grass installations in an open space. If you have steps in your yard, use artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA instead of natural grass to cover them. If you use natural grass instead, you will have a hard time watering it and will waste water in the process. Putting in synthetic turf adds more greenery and requires less maintenance!

  1. Rooftop Greenery

Put in a burst of greenery to apartment rooftops with a synthetic grass space. Apart from giving the rooftop an added boost of nature, it is also easy on the eyes and a great antidote to the concrete jungle.

  1. Driveway Turf

Take out the usual boring gray of a driveway by placing artificial turf in between concrete slabs. Since artificial grass is soil-free, you don’t need to worry about mud sticking to tires when the car rolls in.

  1. Accents for Natural Stone

By placing artificial grass between stone patterns, you can liven up walkways in your home. Its maintenance-free nature also makes its use all the better.

  1. Shady Patio Decoration

Create a shady patio next to your bedroom by using artificial grass. Not only does it liven up the environment outside your bedroom; the lifelike feel of the grass is soft to your feet’s touch.

Grass Installations that Shine

With synthetic grass, you can easily create landscapes that are hard to accomplish with natural grass. You also get additional benefits such as:

  • Durable installations (a warranty of at least 8 years)
  • Aesthetic improvement of your home
  • Increase of property value
  • Non-allergenic and soft to the touch surfaces

Want to add something new to your house’s scenery? Hire a reliable installer of synthetic grass in Santa Rosa and start giving your house one hell of a clean and green makeover.

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