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Maintenance Tips for Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass for Dogs

While it is true that an artificial grass lawn requires minimum maintenance, it does not mean that you can sit back and relax all you want.  Even pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs needs occasional cleaning to prevent stains and odors that linger after your pets have made a litter box out of your lawn.

dog playing outdoor green grass

How to Handle Yard Maintenance Issues

Keep your lawn clean and beautiful by taking care of problems as soon as or even before they happen. Here are some tips on handling maintenance issues that may affect the look and life span of your artificial lawn:


When you are having fun with your family or friends on the artificial putting green grass, food and drink are normally present as part of the entertainment. In some cases, these can find their way to the artificial grass and leave unsightly stain. Fortunately, stains are easy to handle.

Get rid of solid parts and excess liquid using absorbent sheet like towel or paper napkins.  Afterward, wash the stained area with soap and water.  Once you eliminate the stain, rinse the area thoroughly to get rid of remaining soap particles on the grass.

Pet Waste

Dogs and cats, especially the male specie, have the habit of urinating (to mark their territory) and relieving themselves. The problem with this is that most pets find the grass lawn to be their favorite litter box.

For pet poop removal, it is recommended to let it dry first. Remove the solid waste from the artificial grass, then wash the area with water. Douse the area where your pets urinated to remove stain and odor of the urine.  Sometimes, pet urine odor lingers even after washing the area. Eliminate this problem for good by washing the smelly area with a mixture of water and vinegar.

Scorched Area

Artificial grass is made of plastic material which is durable and long lasting. While it is resistant to heat, synthetic turf is not immune to fire.  To keep your Miami, FL artificial turf looking fresh and green, do not expose the grass to direct heat.  Follow these simple tips:

• Place your barbecue grill (or any source of open flame) away from the artificial grass
• Cover your artificial turf before performing repair work nearby (especially if the activity involves welding process)
• On a hot day, adjust the position of glass windows (if possible) to prevent direct exposure to sunlight. If this is not possible, cover the grass area where the sunlight is concentrated.

Routine Cleaning

Finally, maintain the fresh look of your artificial grass for a long period with these simple cleaning steps:

• Remove dirt (like fallen leaves, branches, twigs) that were deposited on the turf, especially after a storm.
• Wash your artificial grass lawn occasionally to keep it clean, fresh looking, and cool all the time.

Maintenance Tips for Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass for Dogs

• Brush the turf using a plastic tooth rake to prevent damage to the grass blades. Brushing against the direction of the grass bend will not only help retain its upright position, it will also help in leveling the turf infill material.

Keep Artificial Grass Fresh-Looking with Proper Maintenance

Pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs has many purposes. It can be used as a pescape, a putting green, or simply a leisure lawn where you can enjoy activities with your family and friends.  Keep your artificial lawn looking fresh by doing simple, regular maintenance practices.

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