Looking for the Perfect Dining Table: What to Consider

How many times have you visited home on Thanksgiving or for Christmas for that traditional family dinner? How many birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions have been celebrated in your home’s dining room? How many birthday cakes and home-cooked dinners have been laid over your dining room? How many stories have been told over hot meals while family and friends are gathered around?

Small wooden table with telescope books and potted plants in modern dining room

It can’t be denied that the dining table plays a vital role in the character of a home. Buying one is a huge deal, often needing much warranted time for decision-making. What should you consider in picking your home’s dining table? Let us help you.

  1. Shape

The shape of your dining table shall depend heavily on the shape of your room. According to Max Dyer, a veteran of the furniture industry and vice president of case goods for La-Z-Boy Industries, tighter spaces call for oval tables. Also, oval or roundtables are good options for parties and conversation as its shape lends to no one sitting at the “head” of the table, leading to an atmosphere of camaraderie, perfect for such celebrations.

  1. Size

How many people would you like to accommodate? This is the question you should ask yourself when picking out your dining table’s size. A regular roundtable (roughly 32″) can sit four people. To get a rough estimate of how many persons a table can sit, multiply its diameter by 3.14, then divide the product by 24. The same is true for oval and rectangular tables, although, rectangular tables can sit less than around one of the same size.

  1. Material

The question of material is a question of style. What are you going for? Are you looking for the slick and elegant lines of contemporary styles, then metal, glass, or plastic may be the choice for you. Wood, on the other hand, offers that homely feeling and, depending on the finish, how rustic you want it to be. Wooden tables are durable and are easy to repair. With wood, you have a couple of choices from pine, acacia, mango, teak, and others.

  1. Base

Pay attention to how your table is supported. According to Jackie Hirschhaut, vice president of PR and marketing for the American Home Furnishings Alliance, supports should not invade the occupants’ leg space. When it comes to support, dining there are three kinds: trestle, pedestal, and legs. When buying, depending on the style of the dining table, identify which one impedes the least on the occupant’s leg space.

  1. Cost

The cost consideration can differ depending on your budget. However, considering that the dining table is one of your home’s crucial furniture and that it will be used for a long time, spending a bit on it, especially if manufactured with quality materials, won’t be a bad idea.

  1. Durability

As said above, the dining table is furniture that tends to be passed from one generation to another, and even from one home to another. Thus, it should be sturdy and durable enough to last generations.

When shopping for contemporary dining sets, look back and remember all those family dinners you have enjoyed at your home, and look for that piece that you can see yourself sharing meals and stories on surrounded by people you love. You can only look for the best dining table in the market; it is up to you to make it the perfect one.

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