Introduce a New You this Springtime by Undergoing Waxing in Leesburg, VA

Spring is the perfect time for a renewed you. Celebrate it by purchasing a package for waxing in Leesburg, VA! By going to a waxing job, you treat yourself to hair-free and smooth areas in your body, giving you the confidence to accomplish your daily tasks!

underarm waxing

Edge of Waxing over Shaving

Waxing is an alternative to shaving, which is another way of getting rid of extra hairs. Here are some of the advantages waxing has over shaving:

  • Waxing is not done as frequently as shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots.
    Your skin will remain smooth from the follicle’s renewal up to the hair reaching the surface. This period lasts for 3-4 weeks.
  • You get no scars from razor cuts.
    Using a sharp-edged razor will always put you at risk of little cuts, even when you’re using foam or soap. Since waxing can be done with a strip, there is 0% risk of a cut or nick to your skin.
  • You get less rash on sensitive skin.
    Studies show that repeated shaving could lead to chronic skin inflammation.  Friction from a razor causes the skin to become thicker, and pigment cells or melanocytes become more active, leading to discoloration. Through a waxing session, you have less chances of developing skin inflammation and discoloration.
  • The hair grows better and finer after waxing.
    Since the hair tears off the root, the hair follicle will weaken as time passes. Weak hair follicles create sparser hair. However, don’t expect that the hair will dramatically change from coarse to fine in a few appointments; change will occur slowly.
  • You lessen the risk of stubbles and abrasive areas.
    While you have a less chance of getting ingrown hairs from waxing, you need to know the right waxing techniques.  This kind of waxing requires the pull to be quick and the skin to be pulled tight.

Types of Waxing at Salons and Spas

There’s more than one waxing technique, and every treatment differs in procedure and targeted area. Here’s a complete list of the waxing techniques you encounter at spas and salons.

  • Hot Waxing
    This is the most common type of waxing. Hot wax is applied on the body, and pulled using a strip. This technique is very popular because you can get hair free skin in one application, and get very accurate results. This is why it’s used for eyebrow waxing in Leesburg, VA, among others.
  • Cold Waxing
    In this form of waxing, a semi-solid wax is applied to the strips to be put on your skin. The strips are pressed against the grain of hair growth. This is so the wax strips have a firm hold on the skin when they are pulled out. Just like hot waxing, you get desired results from the first application. Unlike hot waxing, it is less painful due to the wax’s colder temperature.
  • Soft Waxing
    Soft waxing can be used with both cold and hot waxing procedures. Once the wax strip is applied, it is covered with a muslin cloth. The attendant then waits for the wax to dry, and removes the strip, taking the hair along with it. This method is usually used for the legs and hands.
  • Hard Waxing
    The most unique waxing procedure, hard waxing is done by melting hard wax and applying on the skin. It is then left to dry, and peeled off using only fingers. Because it doesn’t use a cloth or strip, the wax should be of high quality to make removal easier.

Make Waxing Your Spring Resolution!

Say goodbye to repetitive shaving, and say hi to instant hair removal solutions through waxing! With so many salons and spas offering waxing services, a convenient hair removal solution is just a drive away. This spring, try a new type of treatment apart from the usual Leesburg massage therapy and facial treatments. Get hair-free areas instantly at very affordable rates, and welcome a more beautiful and confident you!

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