How to Maintain an Outdoor Infrared Sauna

An outdoor infrared sauna can be cool, especially if the view outside could give the users a more relaxing mood and ambiance. Examples of places where outdoor sauna is usually placed are backyards, gardens, and pool side.

Couple in Sauna Bath

While these locations have a big plus for the experience, keeping the units usable for a long time can be a challenge because they can be exposed to extreme weather conditions and other external factors. For those who still do not know how much does a sauna cost, the prices typically range from 1000 to 2000 US dollars. A hefty investment, indeed, hence a great care is a must to make every buck worth it.

So here are some tips on how to enjoy the outdoor view while immersing in the steamy relaxation brought by sauna bathing.

  • Secure a concrete and dry flooring
    Avoid putting the sauna directly over the soil or grasses on the gardens or backyards to avoid excessive moisture and mosses at the foundation of the hot box. If not prevented, such moist and mosses can cause the sauna wood to rot and deteriorate over time.

    No matter how much maintenance is done for the walls and floor inside, the unit would still be in bad condition if its base gets damaged. Choose a concrete spot. If there is none, improvise by creating a platform made of cement.

  • Invest in sauna cover
    In as much as its base is important, the top part of the hot box also deserves an equal amount of attention. That is why outdoor sauna owners should treat sauna cover like an inseparable part of the unit. The cover shall protect the unit from extreme sunlight and other weather conditions like rain.

  • Put the unit under the shade
    If the sauna unit is under a big shade, investing in a sauna cover could be an optional move. Just make sure that the given shade does its job to protect the sauna from extreme weather conditions.

  • Keep a distance from the pool
    Hot boxes should be kept a little farther away from the perimeter of the pool to avoid the water from splashing to the wood. Again, we don’t want its wood to rot early. Aside from the pool perimeter, keep the sauna away from the shower area too.

  • Secure the accessories indoor
    If any untoward incident like poor weather or theft happens with the outdoor sauna, at least the accessories, which would also cost some bucks, will be saved. It might sound a little pessimistic and insecure, but being a little pedant is better than sorry.

  • Bring the unit indoors, when needed
    This is true especially during winter where snow tend to invade their way even in people’s garage. Before this nightmare-like moments arrive, start devising a plan on how to retrieve all valuable facilities outside the house like the hot box.

Other Tips:

All the mentioned techniques goes along with the typical maintenance tips for indoor sauna. Indoor sauna maintenance would include scrubbing the walls and floor using homemade baking soda solution or commercial sauna cleaner. Sweeping the floor once or twice a week can also help in keeping it neat. Just make sure to keep the door slightly open after the maintenance procedures to let the unit dry and avoid moist.

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