How Parking Management Services Help Build a Healthier Community

You may have heard of hospitality and tourism services, food and restaurant services, even sales services. How about parking management services? People might either incredulously snort with laughter or scratch their head, wondering “It exists? Why do we need parking management services?”

Good question.

parking space

Reports show that drivers waste an average of 17 hours a year searching for parking spots. Apparently, this annual wandering around parking lots and garages costs each of us $345 with misspent time, fuel, and emissions. Multiply this amount to all the drivers in the USA, and look how much our economy loses with inefficient parking systems.

Clearly, our parking spaces matter—not only for our general mood and well-being but also for our productivity and finances, as well as the economy in general. Parking problems certainly are not something to scoff at, especially for the harried office worker who is late for work, but unable to find a space to park.

This is not the case for all parking spaces, however. It’s not something drivers often think about, but there are parking lots and garages that are much efficient, that makes sure your parking experience is significantly smoother than others. Well, behind a well-managed company, public, or establishment parking space is a trusty company specializing in parking management services.

Why We Need Better and Professional Parking Management Services

Parking-related worries don’t often cross our minds during the day; parking management services solve them for us, nonetheless, making our lives and the community better and more efficient.

  • Poorly-managed parking spaces lead to business loss. If you’re a business owner, you need to provide your customers with good parking spaces. It is bad business to have them circling the vicinity looking for parking space; they’d leave or choose a store that offers a space for their cars that’s as close to the store as possible.
  • Uninformed parking space decisions can cost you. Parking space isn’t the only use for your real estate investments. Make sure that you maximize the use of your land—the parking layouts, landscaping, number of parking spots—to gain the highest and most efficient returns.
  • Bad parking spaces increase traffic. A study found out that about 30% of congested traffic is actually composed of cars looking for a parking space. Imagine if this percentage is eliminated through good parking management services. Our roads and communities will be able to breathe better. People will be able to get around easier.
  • Poor parking management services cause stress and anxiety. Whether you’re a driver or not, you’ve surely experienced the anxiety and frustration of hunting for a parking space, of cringing your neck out of the window for a blessed empty spot to rest your car in. Parking management services make sure that you don’t have to hunt for a long time for a parking spot. They also minimize arguments caused by sparse parking spaces.
  • Parking is costly. Building free parking space isn’t free at all, unfortunately. With land purchases, design, landscaping, construction, zoning requirements, site constraints, soil conditions to put into consideration, building parking spaces are actually expensive. All these costs can be minimized with informed and well-advised decisions; parking management services help us come up with those.

It doesn’t usually cross our minds, but parking is important. It doesn’t only cost us our time, money, and well-being; it has a direct impact in our community and economy. The next time you need to park, think of all the decisions that had to be made so you could have a good parking experience.

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