Hiding Cracks and Imperfections with Nina Campbell Wallpaper

It is only natural for structures to undergo damages and cracks. This is caused by movements of the ground that are most of the time are so small they are barely noticeable. However, sometimes, they manifest themselves in the form of cracks. Before you read on to find out other ways of taking care of those cracks other than covering them up with your Nina Campbell Wallpaper, get to know first how cracks are formed.


Cracks may be caused by:

  • ground movement because of landslip, clay shrinkage, etc.
  • moisture, which causes the expansion or contraction of materials
  • faulty or damaged drains
  • root or vegetation damage
  • under loading
  • decay in the structure’s fabric because of natural causes or because of pests
  • complete absence of the building’s foundations

Whatever the cause, don’t despair! There are lots of ways to help solve cracks. Here are a few:

1. Light it up!

Most of the time, the key to solving simple problems is a touch of the imagination. Cables and wires can be used to create designs on the wall, for example, vines or shaped into words. These interesting patterns combined with LED lights can turn a wall full of small cracks into a full designer’s canvass.

2.  Crafts are your best friend.

Creating crafts or small pieces of artwork made out of paper, wood, metal or any other material can sound like very tedious work, but this is very rewarding, not to mention inexpensive. Create a theme and from there cover your wall cracks, dents and other imperfections with decors fitting the theme. Designing a garden-themed nursery? Create small butterflies, flowers, and leaves and cover those cracks.

3. Get the paint on!

One of the easier ways of covering wall imperfections is by simply painting over them. 2019 is the year of being loud and proud! Subtlety has no space! Liven up the room with bold yellows and reds. Create the atmosphere you want!

4. “Cheat” with wallpapers.

Although not technically “cheating,” using wallpapers is one of the easiest remedies to wall cracks. Not only that, it offers one of the best results! With an extensive array of choices, like the Robert Allen fabric collection, you need to know what you want. Check out the latest trends and match it with your needs to achieve the best results!

5. Accessorize.

Looking someplace to hang your large wedding portrait? Are you itching to get rid of that long nasty crack in your bedroom? There you have it—kill two birds with one stone! Use common household accessories like picture frames, wall clocks, mirrors, potted plants, or appliances like televisions and furniture like cabinets to conceal imperfections. Curtains are also a great choice. They not only hide the cracks but also gives the space a personality.

6. Taping.

One unique way of hiding unwanted wall features is using colored tapes. Tape over the walls in a cross-stitched pattern and wow your friends and family with an artistic display, then reveal the fact that it’s all to hide unwanted cracks!

Have you picked a way to deal with your home’s cracks? Get on it now and impress your guests!

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