Go on these 5 Summer Adventures with Your Folding Wagon!

The classic red wagon is a highlight of many childhoods. What are your fondest wagon memories? Pass on the fun to your little ones with these five ways to use your folding wagon this summer that will inspire creativity and imagination!

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5 Cool Summer Adventures with Folding Wagons

Today’s folding wagons are tough, versatile, and multi-purpose tools perfect for both work and play. If you had a wagon growing up, then you already know how much fun they can be. Never had one? It’s not too late to make amazing memories with a folding wagon – here are some exciting things to do with a folding wagon for kids and kids at heart!

  • Take books and yummy snacks to the park for some fun reading.

Instil a lifelong love of books in your children the easy way! Spend a lovely afternoon bonding over your favorite stories at the local park. Fill your folding wagon with some snacks, books, and a cozy blanket to lay on the grass for an instant picnic.

  • Put up a mini lemonade stand with the kids.

Let your children earn some summer spending money by using a wagon as a lemonade stand! Help them mix up this refreshing beverage, put up a large umbrella, then park the wagon under the shade and wait for the customers to flock in. It’s a great way to teach kids about the value of earning their rewards while making awesome memories together.

  • Have a bake sale and use the wagon to sell door to door.

Not a fan of the lemonade stand? How about a bake sale instead? Children love helping out in the kitchen, especially when you’re baking brownies, cookies, muffins, and other delicious bake goods! Use the wagon to display all those goodies and roll around the neighborhood for a fun and portable bake sale.

  • “Drive” over a nature trail on a fold up wagon.

Entice your kids to put down their gadgets by going on a sun-filled hike at the nearest nature trail. Don’t forget your wagon – they can take turns riding in it, and the bigger kids can also help push and pull the wagon as they play leader of the pack! The nifty pockets and storage accessories on folding wagons let you store items like food, extra clothes, sun screen, and other things you need for the ultimate outdoor escapade.

  • Decorate the wagon as a parade car, space ship, and more!

Get ready for hours of play time and let your children design their folding wagon as they wish! Imagination is the limit here. Some exciting ideas for a folding wagon are dinosaurs, tanks, horses, a castle, and robots. Watch them bring their creations to life and act out their very own adventures!

Enjoy Your Summers to the Fullest with Folding Wagons

Having a wagon stroller or a folding wagon is a must for any family not just for their practicality, but for the many ways they can be used for bonding and having fun. Once you’ve tried out the ideas above, try to come up with your very own adventures to play for the best summer ever!

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