Drones Improve Construction Technology

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones have become the most compelling construction technology. Builders and contractors are becoming experts at drones, and they’re using them to boost their workforce. 

As one of the most reliable construction managers in the industry, Daniel Greenhalgh, co-founder of ENM Construction Management, believes that using drones plays a crucial role in developing the construction industry. Below are the top four advantages of using this great technology.

  1. Surveying applications
    When GPS (Global Positioning System) became the next big thing, constructions crews dropped down to one or two people. Now, a single construction crew can manage thousands of data points using a drone, decreasing the time spent and errors in capturing data.

    Drone surveying method also reduces the need of having vegetation management crews and heavy equipment when working on remote areas and difficult location sites The advanced computer software can also receive the data instantly and can create initial topographic drawings with just the touch of a button.

  2. Safety inspections
    Construction companies are using drones to facilitate safety inspections at large sites. Drones can also be used to monitor employees’ behavior at work. Another great use of this remarkable construction technology is for site surveillance. It helps reduce the cost of security workers and monitoring vehicles.

  3. Structural and element inspection
    Using drones is a practical way of completing inspections for structures that are close to the water, in the middle of a larger field, or in hard-to-reach locations. Manual inspections can take days to weeks. Daniel Greenhalgh and other construction managers believe that using drones in structural and element inspection is one of the best advantages in the construction industry.

  4. Maintenance and Estimation
    Drones can also acquire data that can help complete project estimates. Instead of having numerous site visits to inspect data from various locations, construction companies use drones to make volumetric data.

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