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Do’s and Don’ts for Proper Sauna Etiquette at a Neighborhood Gym in Sherman Oaks

man relaxing in gym sauna

Sauna sessions are a usual staple after intense workout routines at the neighborhood gym in Sherman Oaks. Whether traditional or infrared, the sauna is the perfect venue to unwind and cool down after a heavy workout. However, remember that a public sauna is a communal place. As such, there are proper sauna etiquettes that must be followed!


When using a public sauna, make sure that you:

  • Shower before you enter.

After a workout, you will feel sweaty and drained. This is also when you’ll feel the dirt all over your body. Since a public sauna is a communal place, it is imperative that you maintain proper hygiene to avoid bringing in dirt and foul odor. Make sure to rinse your body thoroughly to feel fresh and relieved, and ready to absorb the heat of the spa.

  • Wear a towel.

Select gym saunas allow people to be in the nude. However, it is highly recommended that you come into the sauna with a towel wrapped around you. This will allow you to easily wipe down moisture after your session and keep the place sanitary for other users. Sitting on a towel also prevents the spread of bacteria and avoids direct heat contact.

  • Maintain a proper sitting position in the sauna.

When warming down in an infrared sauna at Sherman Oaks, sit just like you would in your office desk. You can sit with your back up or slightly hunched. Just don’t raise your leg up on the seat or put both legs on the seat, as if you were a Roman emperor. Keep in mind that it is a public sauna. As such, it is important that you respect other’s space.


Avoid the following when using a public sauna in a neighborhood gym in Sherman Oaks:

  • Take too much time.

Ideally, you need to spend only up 20 minutes at the gym sauna. However, you also have to keep in mind that other people will use the sauna. Be quick with your time so other gym goers can have their turn. Also, shut the door immediately so the heat in the facility won’t be disrupted.

  • Exercise in the sauna.

You can make an excuse for this if you are in your own home sauna but remember that this is a public place. Having your arms working and legs stretching while everybody else is in the sauna is distracting. Do all your workouts before entering and just sit still in the sauna.

  • Make too much noise.

There is a large temptation to sing aloud while taking a bath. However, you should clearly distinguish between a bathroom and a sauna. The sauna is a place to relax in, so keep in mind that other people are using it as well. If you must converse with someone else, keep quiet as much as possible.

Practice the Ideal Sauna Etiquette

Maintaining proper etiquette at the sauna will go a long way in your gym experience. It will also teach you to be respectful of people’s space. Keep all of these in mind once you use that sauna at the Studio City Gym, for a hassle and worry-free gym experience!

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