Does Sauna Burn Fat? and Other FAQs About Saunas

What is a sauna? What can you get out of it? Does sauna burn fat? Can it make you look younger? Can you get one installed in your home? Is it a pricey therapy treatment? These are only some of the many queries that people ask about the sauna. Find out the answers to these questions and more below.

sauna burn fat

Does sauna burn fat? And Other Sauna FAQs

  1. What is a sauna?
    Let’s start with the most basic query: what is sauna? Sauna is, first and foremost, a place. It’s a room or building that’s built for people who want to experience dry or wet heat sessions. A sauna, also known as “sudatory,” is typically made up of softwood materials. It typically houses a heater that can bring up the temperature of the room to 190° Fahrenheit (87.77° Celsius) and above.
  2. What’s the difference between dry and wet sauna?
    The dry sauna experience uses dry heat—like the kind you experience in the desert. The wet sauna experience, on the other hand, uses heat that has high humidity—like the kind you experience when you’re boiling water.
  3. How hot can sauna sessions get?

    It depends on your temperature preference and what the kind of sauna you’re getting. Here are some sample ranges.

    • Traditional Finnish saunas typically operate on a 170-200° Fahrenheit range.
    • Steam saunas typically operate on a 110-130 170-200° Fahrenheit range.
    • Infrared saunas usually operate on a 120-130 ° Fahrenheit range.
  4. Why do people like going to saunas?

    Saunas, be it dry or wet, offer a lot of health benefits. These advantages include:

    • detoxification
    • weight loss
    • fatigue relief
    • arthritis relief
    • pain relief
    • relaxation
    • better wound healing
    • diabetes symptoms relief
    • improved cellular health
    • improved cardiovascular health
    • lower blood pressure
    • reduced chances of depression
  5. Can you lose weight in a sauna?

    “Do you burn calories in a sauna?” As a matter of fact, yes, you do. As mentioned in the previous point, saunas contribute to weight loss. The intense sweating process that users undergo requires a tremendous amount of energy—despite involving minimal movement. In a single sauna session, it’s possible to sweat off 500 grams.

  6. What are sauna stones?
    If you’ve heard of saunas, you’ve also probably heard about sauna stones. They’re a component common in many traditional sudatories. Here’s how they work. The “>sauna stones are placed in the hearth of the heater. Then, once they’re almost glowing with heat, they’re sprayed with water to produce bursts of steam. Given the high humidity steam they generate, sauna stones are mostly used in wet saunas.
  7. What are infrared saunas?
    Research the word “sauna” online, and you’ll probably come across “infrared saunas” a couple of times. Here’s how they differ from the traditional sauna experience. Instead of raising the temperature of the room to induce sweating, infrared saunas send low-temperature infrared rays directly into its occupant’s body. They’re great for muscle and joint relief.
  8. Is there any way to bring the sauna experience home?
    Yes, there is. You can buy a portable sauna or infrared sauna. Both are easy to install, use, and manage. Just search for them online. Make sure you buy yours from a credible and quality provider of compact saunas.

There you have it! Eight of the most commonly asked questions about saunas answered. If you’ve never gone to a sauna before, now’s the time to try it. Enjoy your sauna experience!

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