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Do You Burn Calories in a Sauna Relaxation Room? Yes, and It’s Just the Start

With millions of people getting amazing answers to questions like do you burn calories in a sauna, it’s no wonder having a sauna relaxation room is one of today’s hottest wellness trends. Interested in having one for your house? Get started with these tips!

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Create Your Own Sauna Relaxation Room

When you have a sauna relaxation room at home, you get to take a mini vacation any time you want to – an infrared sauna is an amazing place to relax, unwind, and take care of your mind and body. Transform your spare room into a stress-free haven with these steps:

  • Choose calming colors.

The colors you choose for the room should prompt a tranquil feeling and have a soothing effect. Each color has a different function, so select according to the feeling you want to inspire. Here are some recommendations:

Lavender or Grey – helps release nervous tension
Green – contributes to health and serenity
Orange – elevates energy and enthusiasm
Yellow – good for purification and decreasing anxiety

Ultimately, you should use colors that feel right to you. If this means monochromatic, neutral colors, then go ahead and paint your relaxation room in those hues. After all, you can always upgrade your portable sauna with color therapy lights to get the same benefits.

  • Keep decorations to a minimum.

Your sauna relaxation room is a space where you can recharge after a busy or hectic day. It should create a free and uncluttered state of mind, and having too many decorations can distract you from this purpose.

Keep as few objects as possible inside your relaxation room. Aside from your infrared sauna, this can mean bringing in one daybed for sitting or lying down in, a small drawer for towels and other essentials, and a plant or two to add some design.

  • Infuse the room with comforting scents.

Aromatherapy is proven to stimulate a sense of serenity and peace, making it an excellent complement to your sauna sessions. You can use plant-based essential oils, candles, heating oils, or incense depending on your preference. To find out which smells suit you best, feel free to experiment with scents and combinations until you find your favorites.

  • Play restful music.26

The right music can instantly put you in the mood to let go, slow down, and relax inside your sauna. You can add a small speaker inside you relaxation room for those moments when you want to listen to sounds.

You can find many mood-enhancing playlists online such as YouTube and Spotify. You can even load up your player with meditation audiobooks to help you practice mindfulness during your sessions.

FINAL STEP: Select an appropriate infrared sauna.

Finally, decide on what kind of portable far infrared sauna you want in your relaxation room. Do you want to keep it a solo affair, or would you like the option to share your sanctuary with family and friends?

There are one-person to multi-person saunas available in the market, so think deeply about this element before making your purchase. Once your sauna is in place, you now have your very own retreat you can enjoy anytime you wish.

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