Create the Coolest Bachelor’s Pad with Luxury Living Room Furniture Tips

A bachelor’s pad should showcase your personality, give you the freedom to do anything you want, and still be a stylish, thoughtful space you can be proud of. Stuck on how to arrange your luxury living room furniture? Try these interior design ideas to create the ultimate modern man cave!

modern style living room

Bachelor’s Pads: Styling with Zest

Whether you have a compact studio or a roomy two-bedroom apartment, these styling tips are applicable for bachelor’s pads of all shapes and sizes:

  • Make room for friends with a large, cozy sofa.
    If you like inviting people over to your place, then you need a couch which can accommodate several people. L-shaped sectionals are perfect for parties, game nights, interesting discussions with friends, or just for watching an action-packed movie. If you’d rather have a one-unit sofa, consider bringing in some accent chairs, ottomans, or even a daybed so guests can have somewhere to sit when they visit your home.
  • Show off your style with shelving.
    Got a vintage toy collection you’d love to display? If you have memorabilia and other valuable things you want to showcase, the easiest way to do this is with shelves. Personalize your bachelor’s pad with contemporary shelves from modern furniture stores in Los Angeles – they are already beautiful on their own, and this doubles the visual impact once you’re done arranging your collection.
  • Kick back and relax with a coffee table.
    No bachelor’s pad is complete without a coffee table. It’s a convenient place to put down a snack or a drink, and you can display small items like magazines or a remote control somewhere easy to reach. It’s also a quick way to define the space especially when you live in a small home: simply arrange seating around the coffee table and voila, you have a living room that’s set apart from the rest of the place.
  • Get things done with a desk.
    No, you don’t need a separate home office for this one – a stylish desk lets you work at home on personal projects or an unexpected office task without leaving clutter all over the house. To conserve space, push it up against a corner wall, preferably somewhere with plenty of natural light and a great view for an inspiring work spot.
  • Be ready for anything with a bar cart.
    Want a mini bar but don’t have space for a formal bar island? A drinks trolley accomplishes the same purpose with ease. Create your own cocktail making station using a contemporary bar cart filled with vibrant glass bottles, glasses, and shiny tools for a delicious drink.It’s also a multi-purpose tool: use it to serve snacks during a football watching party, clear it out for crafts cart for a personal design project, and other activities that could use a portable place to put your things.

Modern Furniture Stores for Bachelors in LA

Live your best life by decorating your bachelor’s pad with pieces from modern furniture stores in LA! All it takes is some modern living room furniture and some clever design magic, and you’re on your way to having an amazing home where you can relax solo or invite friends to share the fun.

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