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Control Vehicular Traffic and Congestion in Your Campus with Custom Parking Management Services

Parking management services are not just helpful for hotels and hospitals, but for colleges and universities as well. An increasing number of students and employees are getting cars, and electing to use them instead of commuting. This raises a concern for parking administrator. Parking inside the campus is limited, and converting open spaces to extra slots for vehicles is a tedious and costly process. Thankfully, there are measures that can be enacted to prevent school overcrowding.

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Efficient Tips on Controlling Parking on Campus

Having a high amount of vehicular traffic can create the following problems:

• Congestion and car build-upon campus
• Bad impact on pedestrian safety
• Negative health effects due to gas and stress
• Time and money wasted on parking/traffic issues.

By partnering with a trusted provider of parking management services in Los Angeles, you can deal with vehicular issues on campus while continuing with your usual operations. Mitigate parking problems by implementing the following:

1. Raise rates

Price hikes help in controlling overcrowding. It is not a popular choice, but it proves itself effective. It encourages students to commute, and enables the college administration to carry out efficient parking services.

2. Allot parking slots for carpool vehicles

Reserve priority parking slots for carpool vehicles. Doing so has positive effects. It can promote your university’s ride sharing program and encourage people to take part in it.

3. Adjust class schedules

Adjust class times to ensure that everybody will not be parking at the same time. Staggered classes also make it easier to manage shuttle services for enormous campuses.

4. Charge parking on a daily basis

Monthly or annual parking fees will entice commuters to make the most out of their parking allowance by bringing their vehicle more often. Give some commuters the option to pay only on the day itself to encourage reduced usage of cars.

5. Enforced traffic direction

Implement digital signage at pedestrian gates and parking garage. Traffic signage can also help direct traffic at events and broadcast emergency messages when needed.

6. Provide shuttle services

Allocate money for free shuttle rides on the campus. This helps staff and students park at a particular spot once, then use the shuttle from that point. Hire a parking management services provider with an ample fleet of shuttle service.

7. Mobile parking apps

Enable checking of parking availability through gadgets. Numerous apps have been designed to cater to people looking for parking. This saves your employees and students from the stress of looking for parking. It also lessens circling by cars to search for spaces, reducing the production of greenhouse gases.

8. Campus-wide ridesharing

Ridesharing boards make it convenient for people on campus to locate a ride at any time. Offering campus rides can also be done for weekend and school break rides.

Create Effective Parking Management for Your Campus

Mitigate traffic woes in your college or university without having to sacrifice land for parking lots. Follow these tips to create balance within your campus and keep your students and staff happy.

Hire the best parking management company in Los Angeles to help manage traffic flow in your place. Let them handle the ground situation while you concentrate on your other operations. Through their available tools and knowledge of parking administration, you lessen headaches incurred in campus parking.

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