Construction Company Watch: Budgets for New SkyTrain and LRT Lines in Canada Approved

Vancouver Sky Train

It has been recently reported that Canada’s government approves a $1.37 billion allotment by British Columbia for two major rapid transit projects for the Metro Vancouver SkyTrain. This will prompt a construction company boom as workers are needed for the project.

The two lines to be constructed, which are expected to be extensions of the SkyTrain system, include the Broadway Subway project and the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Light Rail Transit projects. Once completed, the lines hope to lessen traffic congestion and expediting passenger transportation in the Vancouver area.

Broadway Subway Project

The proposed Broadway Subway will be a tunneled extension of the SkyTrain’s Millennium Line, crossing the Broadway Corridor from Arbutus Street up to the current VCC-Clark Station. It is scheduled to add 5.7 kilometers plus six stations to the SkyTrain Line, allowing it to go into the congested transit areas in Metro Vancouver. It is estimated after completion by the construction company that it will be serving 5,100 passengers hourly.

The British Columbian government has detailed the following reasons for the construction of the Broadway Subway:

  • Support of the growing Broadway regional corridor

    Central Broadway is the biggest employment center after downtown Vancouver, with half of all people working there commuting from outside of Vancouver. In addition, it is expected that over 85,000 people and 100,000 jobs will be located in the Corridor, with 30% more individuals and jobs by 2041.

  • Meet present and future needs

    Metro Vancouver alone will host 1 million new residents and 600,000 new jobs in 30 years. With the Broadway area bus service, currently at capacity most of the day and over 2,000 passengers left at the main Commercial-Broadway Bus Station, construction of the subway will aid greatly in transportation and lessen congestion.

  • Support economic and environmental objectives

    Improved transportation will stimulate economic growth in the area through links between the technology sector in Mount Pleasant and Great Northern Way and the innovation centers like the University of British Columbia, among others. In addition, Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan and Renewable City Strategy have set targets for carbon reduction, making rapid transit a viable alternative to transportation such as buses.

Surrey-Newton-Guildford Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project

It is projected that in 30 years Surrey, BC will welcome around 300,000 new residents, surpassing Vancouver as the largest city in the province by population. With this development came the proposal of a transit line Surrey, with exchange stations in the Guildford and Newton neighborhoods – the first phase of the South of Fraser Rapid Transit Plan.

The Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT will cover 10.5 kilometers, and is going to feature a total 11 stations. With the completion of construction by 2024, the line is expected to:

  • Provide services for under-served areas in the region
  • Aid in improving connectivity to the Lower Mainland
  • Give riders end-to-end connectivity of about 27 minutes.

Impact of the SkyTrain and LRT Approval and Construction

The approval of the SkyTrain extensions is bound to make any construction company in the area excited, with more work and more earnings promised. This is great news that can be added to a construction boom in the country, with thousands of jobs about to be created.

Canada’s booming population in the cities and suburbs due to gentrification and immigration cannot be denied, and the government recognizes this through the approval of the funding. Perhaps a new golden age in Canadian construction is on the horizon, and the economy and livelihood of the country are all the better for it.

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