Breathe Some Classic Style into Your House with Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Los Angeles

Using mid-century modern furniture in Los Angeles is one of the trickiest things for the contemporary home. When it was in its peak from the mid-30s up to the 60s, mid-century modern was a delight to see in homes. However, even in the modern age, the mainly wooden-based movement hasn’t lost its style. You too can make these furniture pieces work effectively for your home.

Differences Between Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary

While modern and contemporary sound the same, they are different in the field of furniture.  The mid-century modern arose in the 1950s-60s, a spiritual sequel to the modern style of the 20s.  Contemporary, on the other hand, is used to refer to the popular decorating style at any time.

Mid-century modern furniture is characterized by simple and organic designs, and an emphasis on functionality. These traits make them flexible furniture items to use anywhere.

Techniques to Using Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Even with its classic style, you can make the magic of mid-century modern furniture work in sunny California weather.  Here are a couple of tips you can use when fitting mid-century furniture in your home.

  • Make your furniture piece work with the space.

With its simplicity, mid-century modern furniture can fit in any space in the house. Always keep in mind that mid-century modern style depends on open, airy, and uncluttered space; so keep your room clean in your design.

  • Choose a focal point for your room.

In this manner, you could come up with any style. Begin using a mid-century sofa that will make it work for the room. Follow it up with other furnishings that will amplify its unique structure.

  • Use neutral colors often.

While bright colors look lively at first, they tire the eyes easily. On the other hand, neutral colors never go out of style. This is why you should incorporate them often when designing the interior of the house.

  • Wood panel and rustic make it work.

Since mid-century pieces make use of a lot of wood, try pairing them with wood elements in your house. If you have wood panels in your room, choose a mid-century bed whose body has a color that is similar to that of the panels.

  • Make use of the nooks and crannies.

Some small spaces are a perfect fit for small pieces of furniture. For example, you have lampstand that has a nice mid-century design.  By setting it in a big-enough corner of the house, you are making the stand a focal point itself.

With these ideas in mind, you will be able to come up with well-designed rooms in no time.

Try Mid-Century Designs Now

The secret to making mid-century modern furniture work is balancing elements. Decorate as you would using an ordinary home, but make sure that all the elements fit in the room. Whether planning the layout for the mid-century round dining table or the sofa, remember to mix and match colors, lines, spacing, and lighting.

As long as you internalize your house’s elements, you won’t have a hard time buying and putting in furniture for it. So go out and experiment, until you come up with the room you desire.

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