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Bad posture: Does it really affect your oral health?

Oral health is something that defines our overall image to others. You won’t prefer a bad breath, swollen gum, or a decayed tooth to accompany you in your next meeting. When we talk about oral health, we tend to think about washing our mouth, brushing the teeth, rinsing with warm water, not overeating sweet stuff, etc. But you will be surprised to know that how you position your body is also responsible for your oral troubles. Before you straighten up, let’s have a clear view of the matter.


What is the relation between your posture and your oral health?

In this age of intensive work-pressure, we seldom take care of our posture. When we work on our computer screens and mobiles, we generally have a forwarded head posture, which leads to various complexes. In the long run, a lousy sitting or resting habit can affect the hinge of the jaw. Our jaws are far more crucial than just helping us in chewing and mouth movements.
A severe misalignment of the jaw can affect teeth, ligaments, spine, and nerve bundles. This forward-leaning position also changes the position of the skull, which leads to an impact on almost all the body parts. Since oral is critical for our day to day activities and our work life, let’s take a look at how poor posture can influence our oral health.

Temporomandibular disorder:

Studies suggest that incorrect posture, on a regular basis, harms the jaw joint by putting stress on it. Temporomandibular trouble is mainly related to pain in the lower jaw and headaches. It is often a result of a long-term habit of slouching, where the lower jaw is usually shifted forward, causing misalignment between the upper and lower teeth.

Improper breathing habit:

Being in a forwarded head position for long periods leads to the practice of breathing through the mouth instead of nostrils. This habit makes you vulnerable to tooth and gum diseases as breathing through the mouth dries the saliva inside.

Sleeping disorders:

sleep disorder

The breathing through your mouth caused by wrong postures induces issues such as breathing problems while sleeping, diabetes, and heart diseases. Dry mouth during the time of sleep is responsible for sleeping disorders like light sleep and distress. And we all know that a bad sleep session ruins the next day by making you irritable and less productive.

Discomfort in face and jaw due to tenderness:
Since your jaws absorb much of the impact coming from your terrible postures, it is quite natural that the jaws, as well as the entire face, become tender and may generate pain. You feel pain during activities like yawning or chewing.
These issues happen mainly due to inflammation close to the jaw area or a shortening of the jaw.

Tooth and gum damage:

Tooth and gum damage can occur for two reasons as a result of bad posture. Firstly, the deteriorated jaws can cause unusual friction between upper and lower teeth and also unsettle the alignment, which will give way to Cavities and germinal activities. Secondly, the excessive bacterial growth due to drying of the mouth is also harmful to teeth and gum.
Additionally, the blowing of air through the mouth also affects teeth structure by colliding with it.

The problem in biting harder foodstuff:

It’s not a pretty scene if you bite a hard cookie from a plate and instantly feel a chill going down your body. Well, messed up jaws and misshaped teeth resulting from prolonged incorrect posture can give you just that.

How to rectify your posture and save your face (literally)?

Maintain the position of your head, shoulders, and chest in a straight line:

You can easily solve most of the posture problem by keeping your head, shoulders, and chest in a straight line, especially when standing or walking, as it will generate lesser pressure on your jaws.

Always keep your lower back and spine straight:

No matter if you are sitting with your friends or working on the screen, always remember to keep your lower back and spine erect. This will not only contribute to your oral health but also drastically improve your overall figure. Set your computer, mobile, and books at your eye level so that you don’t need to flex back and neck muscles. This step will also extend your working hours and aid in keeping focus.

Make exercise a regular habit:

Even if you have damaged your oral assets a bit under work pressure, start doing regular exercises and yoga. This will help you minimize the damage and compensate for the time you are not in control of your posture.

Take adequate rest:

Proper rest is essential for giving your mouth to keep it in order. So, instead of drooping on the sofa or chair, just get to your bed. This will give you rest and also save you from the harm of continuous hunching or bending.

Oral health is an issue that people neglect most of the time, not measuring its impacts on our productivity. It is clear from the points mentioned above that there is a correlation between our oral health and our posture. We need to change the stubborn mentality towards how we walk and sit to negate its adverse impacts on our health. We also need to realize that our teeth and gum need proper medical supervision from time to time like any other organs.

Well, many of us shiver by the thought of being a subject of inspection to a dentist. This view is usually generated by our lack of insight on issues related to dental health and the standard operating procedures of a dentist. To maintain your oral health, you must keep yourself updated with the dentist. To get rid of all your apprehensions regarding your visit to a dentist, search the net for sedation dentistry near me and visit at the earliest. It is a great way to go through dental checkups with complete relaxation.

After all, nothing should bar you from your favorite bite!

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