A Steamy Weight Loss: Improving Your Weight Loss Strategies with a Personal Sauna

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A personal sauna can bring miracles if you’re aiming to have a slimmer figure. If you’ve tried to lose weight using diet and exercise, you must have experienced a difficult challenge. One of the main reasons people have a hard time achieving target weight is because it can take a toll on the mind and body. In search of an alternative, you might have wondered and asked, “Do saunas help you lose weight too since sweating is all about cleansing and detox?”

We’re happy to give “yes” for an answer! If you’re wondering about how this works, read on and know more about health benefits that your investment in a personal sauna could provide.

Heat is Key

The body uses energy to regulate its own temperature. If you’re in a warmer environment than usual – which is what happens when you step into a sauna – this means harder work for your body and more calories burnt.

Extra water and salt are also lost when you sweat. When you shed these two compounds, you can speed up weight loss (especially if you’re actively working toward it) due to boosted metabolism.

How many calories can you burn in a session?

The most wonderful fact about saunas is that you can sit and relax in them, and burn 300 – 500 calories in a half hour session. You feel good minus the physical strain that you can get in gyms and other rigorous exercises.

If you’re wondering, 300-500 calories are almost equivalent to one meal. If you’re working toward a calorie deficit in your food consumption, this means you wouldn’t even have to diet. You can add a sauna experience to your daily regime.

Can saunas compliment other weight loss solutions?

If you are adamant on losing weight, or if you have a long journey toward your ideal figure, the sauna is a good compliment, but it should not be the only solution you’re using to achieve your goals.

Still, it is highly recommended to keep an eye on your level of physical activity and food consumption. To give you an idea, you can hit the gym or spend a good few rounds of your favorite sport and have a relaxing sauna afterward. The warmth can help relax your muscles so you won’t have to worry about workout pains on the next day. Hot yoga is also an excellent practice that you can make possible with your personal sauna kit!

On Expecting Results

If you’ve just started losing weight, it usually takes about a couple months to see visible results. What you can expect right away if you’re adding a sauna to your routine is improved motivation and the additional element of enjoyment and relaxation. Saunas are not just about the physical benefit. More than anything else, it helps contribute to a better mind and soul. With this combination, you can truly be healthy inside and out.

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