9 Great Apps for Medical University Students and Residents You Probably Don’t Know

close up doctor healthSmartphones and tablets are playing an integral role in modern medical education and treatment, allowing easy and instant access to accurate medical data, disease management, calculations, and references. There are a plethora of digital apps available for premedical, medical and residents to choose from that can make the learning process more engaging and fun. Some apps allow students to understand the intricate concepts of pharmacology while others help you to learn complex anatomical terms, diagnose symptoms and improve your clinical knowledge for pursuing a rewarding medical career.

If you are considering or currently studying in a medical university and looking for some technology-related resources and medical study apps to give yourself an extra advantage over other students. You can start capitalizing on a lot of amazing educational apps present for medical students and residents to improve your academic performance and clinical skills.

Here are some great medical apps that are useful for medical students and residents that can greatly help them succeeded in medical school and residency.


As a medical student, resident, or medical professional, it is a great idea to keep up with the latest medical news and advancements happening in the medical field. UpToDate is an amazing app that provides you with articles, videos, and different medical procedures. Whether you want evidence-based recommendations, clinical content or current medical literature, UpToDate is the best reference app that can help you stay on top of the latest medical information. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


If you are studying in the best medical school, you will need a medical reference and reference tools to complete your multiple assignments and research projects. Thankfully, there are many medical information apps available that can be used as references for specific organ systems or medical specialties. Medscape is a comprehensive and reliable medical resource and reference tool that helps students, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals determine the right medications and accurate dosages for patients with the help of a Drug Reference Tool. The app includes step by step procedural articles, medical calculators, formulary information and provides the latest medical news, all in one place.

Anatomy Lectures and MCQs

For many medical students, learning never-ending complex anatomical terms is a daunting task. Thanks to Anatomy Lectures and MCQs app which makes learning human anatomy fun and easy. You will find a number of lectures and MCQs that help you study human anatomy. It is a great app for physicians, physiotherapists and medical professionals who want to refresh their knowledge. The lectures are provided with the relevant images that you can zoom in to understand the concept.

MDCalc Medical Calculator

It is one of the best online medical calculators for clinical students, residents and practicing physicians that helps them to learn and apply for evidence-based medicine. The app has more than 350 clinical tools, 150 medical conditions across 35+ specialties that help doctors and residents take the right clinical decision.

IM Essential Flashcards

Whether you want to build a stronger foundation in gastroenterology and hepatology, cardiovascular medicine, hematology, infectious diseases, or nephrology, IM Essential Flashcards is the best study app for medical students to learn and memorize the medical information. The app has more than 1,100 flashcards across 11 categories, helping students to link to the relevant content and the source material present within the app. It is the best app for clerkship students to understand the medical concepts and apply them clinically. In addition, it covers material students are required to prepare for USMLE Step 2 examination.


If you are rotating in radiology rotation or pursuing a radiology residency program, then download this amazing app that helps medical students to review different radiology cases without any internet connection. The app includes more than 500 images of medical abnormalities that help them diagnose different pathological conditions. Each clinical image has a summary of the relevant imaging findings and a multitude of abnormalities that help you build your image recognition and interpretation skills.

Heart Pro III

If you are thinking to choose cardiology as a medical specialty or simply want to strengthen the cardiological knowledge you gain during clinical training, Heart Pro III is a great app to install. It provides you with an in-depth look at the heart, allowing you to zoom, cut and rotate to view the anterior, posterior, lateral angel of the heart. The app allows you to view animations, share screenshots, create notes and test your cardiovascular knowledge by taking a quiz.

Med Mnemonics

In order to improve your academic performance, earning a good GPA in a Caribbean medical university, and securing an impressive score in USMLE exams, you can download this amazing study app. Med Mnemonics is a unique learning tool that helps medical students, residents, medical professionals to improve their knowledge base and remember vital medical terms by using smart mental and repetition technique.


It is one of the widely used drug reference apps that provides medical students, physicians and healthcare professionals with comprehensive clinical knowledge on thousands of prescriptions and over the counter drugs. The app helps you select the right drug according to the medical condition and calculate the drug dosage accurately. The app features a pill identifier, drug interaction checker, medical calculations and formulary information to come up with an effective treatment plan.

Over to You

In order to improve your academic performance, learn complex medical terms, earn stellar grades in medical school, use the above-mentioned medical apps as study tools. Although there are hundreds of thousands of other medical mobile apps available, these 9 medical apps can serve as the best learning tools for students studying in a medical university

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