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6 Reasons to Install Artificial Turf in Tampa, FL, in Apartment Complexes

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A communal park is an in-demand feature for people looking to buy or rent a home in apartment complexes. It gives residents a place to relax, mingle, and share activities with friends and loved ones. However, some apartment owners think twice about such an addition due to the difficulty and expenses that come with maintaining a natural lawn. Many building managers solved the problem when they chose to install artificial turf in Tampa, FL.

6 Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Apartment Complexes

Having a beautiful outdoor space makes apartment buildings stand out. Not only does it give residents valuable green spaces, but it can also attract new renters to the property.

Like any business, however, apartment managers need to consider the bottom line when adding an outdoor area to their complex. Unfortunately, the challenge and huge costs of real grass can make them a liability rather than an asset.

Artificial grass offers a practical solution to this issue. As an alternative to natural grass, it provides the following benefits:

  1. It offers a great return on investment.

Artificial grass requires an upfront investment, but it pays for itself over time. With proper care, top-quality synthetic turf can last for up to 20 years. On top of the financial aspect, it also beautifies your lawn, maximizes the available activity area, and creates a space that everyone can truly enjoy.

  1. It is versatile.

Not sure where a community park can fit into your building? Professionals can install artificial turf in Tampa, FL, on almost any surface and area in your facility. Aside from common choices like the ground floor or the front yard, they can place the synthetic grass on rooftops, near the pool area, and other locations. Let expert installers help you make the most of your available space.

  1. It offers a safe playground for children.

An artificial turf playground can help you reassure families with children. Synthetic grass is based on an infill system that creates a bouncy surface to reduce trips and falls. It’s also made of non-toxic materials and lacks allergens that can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Both adults and kids can enjoy games and other activities safely on artificial grass.

  1. It is pet-friendly.

Trying to market your apartment complex as a pet-friendly building? Seal the deal with quality artificial grass for dogs in Tampa! Urine easily drains through the porous backing, and the turf is durable enough to resist damage from playful canines.

  1. It is low maintenance.

Maintaining a natural lawn adds a ton of tasks to the endless responsibilities of building managers. In contrast, the most difficult part of switching to synthetic turf is the installation, and you don’t even have to lift a finger while the pros do it for you. Hose down dirty spots ASAP to keep the turf clean, pick up debris, and schedule routine brushing to keep your artificial lawn functional and attractive.

  1. It looks and feels like real grass.

Don’t worry about your outdoor space looking fake. Premium artificial grass is realistic and can be customized with different shades and pile heights to make it look like the real thing. Due to its lifelike aesthetic, it’s now used for a lot of applications, from lawns to dog runs to the best putting green in Tampa.

Liven Up Your Residential Building with Artificial Turf

Take your apartment complex to another level with synthetic turf! Artificial grass lets you turn a bare outdoor area into a beautiful asset that your residents and guests will love. Talk to your local Tampa installer today to explore ideas about your artificial grass project!

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