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5 Ways to Rock a Mid-Century Round Dining Table in an Open-Plan Home

While open-plan layouts are now the norm for modern homes, incorporating a dining space into the setup can be a hit or miss affair. When done right, it creates an inviting space where everyone is part of the action —whether that’s eating together or sharing conversations. Learn how to use your mid-century round dining table to maximize an open concept design!

Round Dining Table in kitchen

Open-Plan Tips: How to Incorporate a Round Dining Table

The biggest challenge of an open floor dining area is how to create a clear separation while preserving the free flow of the room. A contemporary round dining table is a great solution to this dilemma. It’s easy to “float,” can fit several people, and comes in a wide range of sizes and designs. Use these tips to blend it into an open floor layout:

1. Lay the dining set on top of an area rug.

Use a large area rug to define your dining space. Interior designers recommend arranging the dining set within the rug, not around its perimeter as most people tend to do. This visually separates the area from the rest of the open space while providing a warm, soft flooring material for family and friends to relax and dine on.

2. Choose a different color from the rest of the room.

Another way to delineate the dining zone is to choose a table that features a completely different color from the rest of the furniture in the space. Ensure your selection adds to a cohesive look.  The trick is to select a mid-century round dining table and chairs in the same color family, but of a different shade. If you’re sticking with a minimalist white palette, for instance, choose a dining set in neutral cream, grey, and similar shades.

3. Separate zones with a sofa.

A sofa in Los Angeles is another effective way to define your dining space. This is highly recommended if you prefer having the dining area and the living room right next to each other. Use the sofa as the dividing line between the two spaces. Place it facing away from the dining area. You can also push it back against a far wall facing the dining area to set the living room apart.

4. Put a spotlight on the dining area.

Here’s an easy trick to highlight your dining corner: hang a lamp or two above the space! Not only does it illuminate the area beautifully, but it also creates a distinct zone. Pendant lights, a dainty chandelier, and some pin lights work well for this purpose.

5. Place a contemporary shelf between the dining area and the rest of the house.

If you’d like more privacy while dining, consider using a contemporary shelf as a makeshift wall. The sleek, narrow lines of this style don’t take up too much visual space, and it also helps reduce the amount of noise that reaches your dining space. This makes the zone the perfect setting for conducting mentally taxing activities, such as doing homework and organizing the bills.

Design an Open Floor Plan with Modern Furniture

High-end furniture such as modern dining sets, sofas, coffee tables, console tables, and custom-made beds in Los Angeles are perfect for open floor plans. Take advantage of their stylish look and multi-functional designs. Meet the challenge head-on by exploring a modern furniture store in LA today!

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