5 Types of Camping Sites for Nature Lovers

Believe it or not, campsites come in different shapes and sizes. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on whether you are camping for the first time. But then again, having a choice can never be a bad thing. You can opt for an experience that meets your expectations if not exceed them.

If you are a nature lover, you will not make do with any campsite you come across. You will prefer a certain type where you can become one with nature. However, if you do not know what type of camping site to look into, here are 5 of them to take into consideration.

Bicycle Camping

If the name hasn’t given it away, bicycle camping is all about, well, camping and traveling on a bicycle. It is gaining popularity, and people opt for it for various reasons – It caters to those who love traveling, while others prefer it for its convenience.

No matter your reason, if you go bicycle camping, you can camp in a hotel or a hostel. This means you can go wherever your heart desires, without having to stick to a certain place. The good news is it is one of the most affordable camping options out there.

Survivalist Camping

Before you get all excited, be warned, this camping is not for everyone. It is specifically for those that have the skills needed to survive in the harsh outdoor conditions. If you think you have what it takes to challenge yourself, look into survivalist camping. However, make sure you have the basic camping gear including canvas tent.

Even if you are new, and still want to indulge in survivalist camping, you will need to acquire different skills like hunting for food and giving emergency medical treatments.  The more skills you learn, the easier it will be for you to survive, no matter what comes your way. This will be a great option for those that wish to unplug and get up close and personal with Mother Nature, but it comes with a lot of risks.

Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is perfect for those that love spending time in the water. It combines canoeing and long-distance travel, so make sure you get a reliable canoe or kayak.

Much like backpacking, you will need to carry enough supplies to last you through the duration of your camping trip. Apart from visiting unique places, you will find the whole experience to be relaxing.

If you are looking for canoe camping destinations, then you will find the best ones in North America.

Adventure Camping

This form of camping is more suitable for serious campers. It is broken up into two aspects i.e. day and night.

Basically, you hike and travel during the day, so you will get plenty of opportunities to see wildlife and explore new areas. You will enjoy nature’s offerings in all its glory. But during the night, you have to set up camp and stay put. You can even combine adventure camping with a road trip to make outdoors more fun.

With adventure camping, you get close to nature, while being minimalistic at the same time.

Ultralight Backpacking

This camping is a minimalistic form of backpacking where you eliminate as much luggage as humanly possible. You will only take what is necessary, anything else that will not serve at least 3 functions will be left behind.

Ultralight backpackers recommend that you should pack only 12-28 pounds. Once you have decided about ultralight backpacking, keep in mind that it is more of a belief or mindset that you can survive in the harshest of conditions, especially without the usual amenities you rely on.

Most backpackers head to Prague – a backpacking friendly destination with a variety of hotels to suit every budget.

What Types of Camp Sites Qualify as being Suitable for Nature Lovers?

The aforementioned types of campsites are just a few of many others suitable for nature lovers. But the real question you need to be asking yourself is what qualifies as being suitable in the first place?

Some factors to consider are:

  • Understand that as a nature lover you will want to adopt a minimalistic approach. This applies to your campsite as well.
  • Get back to the basics, so you come to appreciate Mother Nature. You will feel more responsible for your actions, and will hence do whatever it takes to protect your environment.
  • Explore every new place until you are certain you have got your money’s worth.
  • Let your instincts guide you. Learn to stop relying on your gadgets and tools and instead learn skills that will aid you in surviving in any environment.
  • Let Mother Nature provide for you. Live off the land.

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