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5 Surfaces Perfect for Installing Artificial Grass in Tracy

Covering lawns may be the most popular use for artificial grass in Tracy, but there are so many other creative ways to use this versatile material. Learn about the numerous surfaces you can install artificial grass on, and let your imagination run wild about its endless applications!

Artificial grass turf installation

5 Great Surfaces for Artificial Grass

Under the hands of an experienced landscaper, synthetic grass can be installed on almost any surface. Here are some top choices:

  1. Cement
    Tired of the hot and boring cement surrounding your pool? It’s very easy to install synthetic turf over cement decks and patios. It can be designed into any shape and size, and doesn’t take an extreme amount of adhesives to stay in place. You can also choose the weights and grades of your artificial grass to suit your needs such as installing heavier grass types over places in your property that receive the most traffic.
  1. Brick
    Some homes come with brick tiling instead of cement. If you’d rather have a vibrant green landscape instead of brick, synthetic grass in Tracy is the way to go. Installers can put a thin pad to level out uneven surfaces and use extra-durable adhesive strips to ensure that the grass is firmly secured to the surface.

    Want to keep your brick walkway but looking for a way to spruce it up? Artificial grass can also be cut to fit small sections to represent boundary lines or stepping stones.

  1. Soil
    Artificial grass is an excellent match for most soil types. Installing artificial grass on soil takes some preparation, such as integrating drainage systems and leveling the ground, but once this is done, you have a wonderful surface for dog runs, putting greens, private playgrounds, and more.
  1. Wood
    Artificial grass is well suited for wooden patios, decks, landscape platforms, plant racks, and other wood surfaces. Some special steps will be taken to ensure practicality, such as sealing wood surfaces to make them water resistant and prevent water from draining through the mesh fabric of artificial grass. This will also prevent the formation of mildew and mold so you’re only left with a gorgeous, grassy surface.
  1. Plastic
    Many homeowners find that artificial turf is not just great for wide spaces, but also for smaller decorative pieces to be used around the home.

    For instance, you can cut out rectangular pieces and use it as a centerpiece for an end table. Small pieces of artificial grass can be adhered to plastic outdoor tables to improve the outdoor ambiance. Don’t worry about it slipping or sliding out of place, since it only takes a small amount of adhesive to hold it in place. 

    You can even use artificial grass for different craft projects – the sky is the limit when you’re working with artificial grass!

Install Artificial Grass Anywhere You Want It

Whether you want artificial grass for an outdoor deck or interested in using it for indoor floors, artificial grass landscapers can make it happen. Call your local installers today  for artificial turf services in Tracy and upgrade your home in almost every way imaginable with artificial grass!

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