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5 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles

Kid-Friendly Ideas for Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles can benefit a lot of families in the area, especially the kids. After all, potty training always starts in this very area of the home.  With new looks and some new equipment, kids can make the most out of one of the most important rooms of the house!

What Makes a Bathroom Great for Kids

Besides being a room meant for people to clean and freshen up, the bathroom is a great training room for kids to get used to as they grow up. To make this specific area of your home a bit more fun for your kids to enjoy, a bit of bathroom remodeling can be the way to go.

If you’re looking for some ideas, hire a Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor and try these ideas:

  1. Non-slip Bathroom Mats

One thing that parents want to avoid is their kids slipping in the bathroom, which can be prevented with this particular idea. It may be a bit smaller than most remodeling projects, but it is one of the easiest to do. In fact, you can even get them in different wacky designs for your kids to enjoy looking at while they splash around safely in the shower.

  1. Bathroom Tile Designs for Kids

You can make your bathroom a lot more fun for your kid to enjoy with a few fun pieces of art laid out in the tiles. Talk with your bathroom remodeling contractor and decide on how you would want your bathroom tiles to look. You can even add some of your kids’ favorite cartoon characters on the floor and walls for a more kid-friendly bathroom for your home.

  1. Built-in Shelves

Bathtub replacement in Los Angeles can be made easier with this particular idea. Adding built-in shelves in your walls can make things easier to organize and reach, especially for your kids.

  1. Double Faucets

If you wish to add more space to your bathroom for more people, installing a double faucet can be a great idea to try. Having a double faucet installed can give your child their own space, while at the same time leaving you a bit of room as well for your own freshening up.

  1. Pull-Out Step

Understandably, the sink or faucet can be hard for kids to reach at times, which is why a pull-out step for them is important. You can buy them separately at any hardware store or install them in your bathroom cabinet.

Bathroom Remodeling Made Fun!

Who says bath time isn’t fun? With these five kid-friendly remodeling ideas, bathroom remodeling for Los Angeles homes can be even more beneficial for your kids. Give any of these ideas a try and give your kids a fun bathroom experience!

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