4 Myths About Personal Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna cabinThe buzz about having your personal infrared sauna at home is getting louder. On top of the numerous health benefits regular saunas can offer are the various advantages you can gain through availing an in house sauna. However, as more and more brands offering different types of personal saunas enter the market, more and more information are also becoming available. This will surely make it difficult for you to decide whether or not you will avail a unit, or which brand and model you will buy.

To make sure that you are making an informed decision, here are some of the practical and medical myths spreading in the market that you should be aware of.

What are some of the false information about personal infrared sauna?

  • It will cost you more.

To be fair, since a personal sauna is a type of luxury furniture, it will surely cost you more than your usual home fixtures. However, when you consider the total cost of visiting the gym or the spa just to get your steam bath at least twice a month, you will surely realize that having your own in house sauna is much more cost-efficient and will help you save in the long run. Moreover, when it comes to maintenance cost, particularly the electricity consumption, infrared saunas require less energy to operate than other types.

The truth is the amount you will spend in your personal sauna depends on you and your choices of brand, model, and accessories. If you are a wise sauna buyer, then you will surely get even more than what you paid for.

  • You might have cancer.

You may be used to traditional steam saunas and you are just considering the infrared types now that you are planning to buy an in house sauna. However, you are having doubts since infrared is usually associated with cancer. Well, if you think using a personal infrared sauna may cause you cancer, then you are wrong. The reality is infrared can stall the growth and stop the spreading of malignant cancer cells. This has been proven by several medical researches. Do not be fooled by the dangerous sound of the word “infrared”!

  • The longer you stay inside, the better the effect will be.

There is a common saying that too much of anything is bad. It also applies in saunas. The recommended time inside an infrared sauna is at most 30 minutes. Using it more than that period may cause dehydration and may also affect your heart.

  • It is safe for everyone.

As previously mentioned, infrared saunas cannot cause cancer. But it does not necessarily mean that it is safe for everyone. Of course, there are some health considerations you should keep in mind before availing a personal sauna and regularly using one. Take note that people with poor blood pressure control, abnormal heart rhythm, and other advanced heart conditions are not advisable to use infrared saunas very frequently.

Before deciding to buy your personal infrared sauna, be sure that you know a lot about it so you can maximize your investment. Do not be swayed by myths and false testimonies!  Also, be sure to choose the brand that has a reputation for producing high quality and long-lasting in house saunas!

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