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4 Characteristics of High-Quality Synthetic Grass for an Excellent Atlanta Putting Green Installation

Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply a golf enthusiast, there are many advantages to having your own golf green at home. Atlanta putting green installation comes with unique features that let you practice your putt and swing right at the comforts of your home.

However, not all synthetic turf products are the same. Ensure that you’re making the right investment. Look for the following characteristics for a good putting green installation.

golf ball set in artificial grass

4 Characteristics of Premier Synthetic Turf Putting Greens

With a synthetic putting green, you have the freedom to add as many custom features as you like to replicate professional golf greens. Still on the fence about switching to synthetic grass for your home putting green? Ensure that your artificial turf investment is worth it. Here are some of the characteristics of an excellent putting green installation that guarantee a great golfing experience:

1. Realistic Look and Feel

Synthetic putting green installation in Atlanta gives you lifelike golf green, without all the hassle of natural grass upkeep. The artificial putting green is specially designed based on professional greens. It looks and feels like natural turf, and comes with the ideal texture and height. Its blades are also shorter to reduce the friction between the ball and the grass, allowing the ball to glide more easily.

The good news is you don’t have to water, mulch, mow, and trim synthetic putting green to keep its optimal condition. Since it’s artificial, you only need to water it occasionally to keep it clean.

2. High-Quality Turf Infill

The leading manufacturers of artificial grass in Atlanta, GA near me use sand or sand mixture to create high-quality infill. The turf infill is significant as it keeps the grass blades upright even after exposure to a high volume of foot traffic.

A good putting green uses materials with small grain size as infill to allow smooth ball motion. It also makes the yard springy to allow accurate ball speed and control, and make for a more comfortable play surface. More importantly, it makes the grass blades more stable even after repeated use.

3. Durable Blades

Synthetic putting green is made of polyethylene materials. This means that it is durable enough to last for years to come. Remember, golf is not a soft sport, so install synthetic grass if you want a golf surface that can take no matter how intense the game gets.

4. Flexible Applications

Artificial grass is not just limited to putting green installation. It can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirement. Depending on your property’s needs and aesthetics, you may choose to install a synthetic putting green in your living room, the patio, or beside the pool. You may also use the artificial grass as wall surrounds, table runner, or furniture cover —your imagination is the limit!

BONUS: Installation matters as well! You need a skilled and competent crew to ensure that your putting greens are properly stretched and fastened to avoid undulations and ensure an even surface. It’s why you do not just look for any installer of artificial grass in Atlanta, GA near me; you partner with the pros! Whether you want the synthetic turf installed on your yard, wall, or living area, your local installer can make it possible.

Get Excellent Putting Greens for a Good Game!

Good greens mean good practice, and good practice means successful games! Transform your lawn into professional golf green when you install the leading artificial turf in Atlanta.


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