3 Mistakes to Avoid with the Car Tires

You know how important it is to maintain the car tires to ensure its longevity! To get the most out of it, here’re a few mistakes you need to avoid too.

Since tires are the only component of your car in direct contact with the road, it’s essential to keep the tires in the tip-top shape. From tires’ apparent look to the tire’s health like rubber compound, everything needs to be considered if you want a smooth drive. It’s not just about buying the premium tires. But how you take care of it also plays a vital role in determining how long is it going to last.

For sure, the high-quality premium tires are manufactured in a way that they ensure longevity. But if these tires are not taken care of properly, it’ll inevitably compromise health and that investment in the long-lasting premiums tires won’t turn up lucrative. While keeping up with the car tire maintenance best practices, it’s also imperative to avoid some mistakes. Therefore, experts have highlighted a few major mistakes. So let’s dive in;

Driving with Low Tread Depth

As per the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act, the tires must be replaced when the tread depth reaches 1.5 millimeters. It’s the minimum even before the tread is considered legally bald. Keep in mind! The safety is being compromised if you drive in this tread depth. With low tread depth, you not only compromise the vehicle’s handling but also it’s at the risk of blow out.

So if you want to ensure the optimal handling alongside reducing the risk of a tire blowout, make sure you replace the car tires when the tread depth goes below 4mm. Driving on the low tread is not only risky for you but also for the other drivers sharing the road with you.

Driving Under or Over-Inflated Tires

In the winter seasons, most of the motorist inflate their car tire as the tires deflate due to cold air. On the flip side, the hotter temperature has the opposite effect. Let’s keep the temperature aside for a while. Typically, our vehicles do a lot of travelling and also carrying heavier loads in the summer. So it’s highly recommended to maintain the appropriate air pressure. Frankly, the tires maintenance is often neglected in the summer.

If you’re wondering about the recommended air pressure, check the vehicle’s side door jam or the owner’s manual and check it regularly. In case your car is fully loaded, increase the tire pressure by 10-15% from a normal pressure level. While checking the tire pressure, make sure that the tires are cold. Also, avoid checking the pressure immediately after driving.

Driving on Winter Tires in the Summer

You must have seen many vehicles in July & August wearing winter tires. For no reasons, some of the motorists are convinced that it’s safer to have winter tires in summer. Honestly, it can be dangerous. Winter tires are especially designed with a rubber compound to stay soft & grip in colder temperatures only. So, for sure, winter car tyre in Sharjah is not going to support the driving needs of the warm weather. Think Again!


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