2019 Trend Head Start with Ralph Lauren Fabric

Young woman with fabric samples for curtains at table
Young woman with fabric samples for curtains at table

Ralph Lauren fabric prides itself in being one of the leaders when it comes to textile and fabric designs.As we end 2018, let us take a look at what lies ahead, and with Ralph Lauren at the helm, boldly take on these challenges and predicted trends.

As the trademark Ralph Lauren, they do interior design as they do fashion—strict attention to the littlest detail. Nothing can escape their eye and these are the five spring 2019 interior design trends that have caught our attention.

  1. Battle of colors

To counteract the excess of maximalist design, designers are going for one-toned interiors. It has become a trend in social media sharing sites, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest ,and others, that harmony is what the people crave.This translates into interior design with subtle shades of grey and brown giving that harmonious feel.

On the other end of the spectrum is the love of the bold and bright. Unabashedly strong, cobalt blue, basic red, and even yellows are expected to shine the dullness away from boring designs. These colors exude playfulness and laughter—emotions people tend to gravitate toward.

  • The human design

A new trend to appear hails from Japan. The wabi-sabi delights imperfection and finds beauty in repair thus resulting in a more human interior as opposed to the minimalist look of mainstream architecture.

  • A rustic reimagining

As organic and floral designs are expected o dominate wallpaper trends in 2019, there is a similar resurgence for the wild and natural in the textile and fabric industry. This rustic reimagining draws its roots from the public’s penchant for an idyllic rural living.

We are now engrossed in organic produce, ethically sourced products and sustainable farming of fish and livestock. This is translated into using linens, faded fabrics, with hatched effects—all with a subtle not to the rusticity of an era long gone, given life anew with a modern feel.

  • The anti

In a society where almost anything goes, it is hard to go against the grain. The best one can do as a sign of revolt is to go directly against that which is established to be the aesthetically pleasing build from what is left. That is the philosophy of the anti-design.

It is not about creating something that is ugly and in a bad taste, rather, itis finding the beauty in ugliness. In interior design, it translates into transforming something associated with poverty and reinventing it to something chic and classy.

  • Material is key

You can never go wrong with velvet. Super tactile materials are all the rage now and will continue the following year.Combined with the wabi-sabi style, velvet is continuously pleasing textile buyers all around.

Another trend that is gripping the market is one of compromise. With the industry divided between the natural beauty of yarn and the hyper performance of synthetic materials, hybrid materials came into fruition. New sustainable alternatives to natural yarn have been developed resulting to the emergence of new materials such as milk, nettle, soya, and seaweed. These, combined with the modern innovations in the field of nanotechnology, we can be sure that this is not the last evolution of fabrics.

Don’t get left behind in 2018. Ralph Lauren and Fabricut fabrics can be your starting point. Take advantage of these trends and take your designs to a whole new level!

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